Character Stories & Developments: Character Development Prompt#63

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All of my chapters and stories I use for the character and development.

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Chapter 1: Character Development Prompt#63

"Hey Boar, I'm back! Turns out the book was a lot easier to find than I thought!" Finn announced loudly as he walked into their shared cottage. Boaraphalis quickly threw his cape onto Finn, blocking his vision. "No, wait, Finn! Stay outside! I'm trying to make you something and it's supposed to be a surprise!" Finn laughed and raised his arms. "Mate, it's snowing outside. I don't want to stand out in the cold!" He tried to remove the cape from his head, but Boaraphalis grabbed his hand and guided him to the couch. Finn was blindfolded and sat down.


"Fine, then at least keep the cape on for a little longer! I swear I'm almost done," Boaraphalis said, before turning back to his workbench, which was scattered with different jewels and ores. "Well, since you asked so nicely!" Finn replied with a laugh, repositioning himself to be more comfortable and less harsh on his wings. The warm and cozy house fell into a comfortable silence, save for the soft crackling of the fireplace and the clinking of metals against each other as Boaraphalis worked. The two were so close to each other that they could enjoy the silence just as much as they enjoyed talking.


Finn was confident he would eventually break his friend's resolve. "So, what's the gift?" Boaraphalis snorted in response. "That would ruin the surprise, my friend. Just be patient," he replied, a smirk growing on his face. Finn could hear his friend let out a playful sound of disbelief before groaning. "For the last time, I'm not old! You're pretty much as old as me!" Finn pointed out. However, Boaraphalis just shook his head, despite his friend not being able to see, "Lies, all lies I tell ya. You're slanderin' me," he said while laughing. Suddenly, he let out an 'oof' when he was hit in the back of the head by one of the couch pillows. He turned around in his chair and stared at Finn in mock disbelief. "How did you hit me with that cape blocking your view?"

"Lucky shot I guess!" He replies innocently. Boaraphalis rolls his eyes playfully before getting back to work. "I won't be able to finish this if you don't let me focus."


Finn settled back into a comfortable silence, allowing his friend to finish the gift he was working on. Finn swung his legs back and forth contentedly while he pondered what the gift could be. He sat on the couch with a straight posture and his wings tucked comfortably against his back.


Boaraphalis had been working for what seemed like an eternity before he finally stopped and stood up from his workbench, letting out a contented sigh. "Alright, you can look now!" With that, Finn pulled the red cape off and let it fall onto the couch cushion beside him. He stood up and looked at his friend expectantly, noticing that Boaraphalis had his hands behind his back. "So, are you ready?"

"Yes, hurry up!"
"Okay, okay geeze!"


Boaraphalis approached him with something hidden behind his back. He slowly revealed a beautiful golden earring with a long chain, and an emerald dangling at the end. It was clear that the earring was made with high-quality craftsmanship, and was smelted and polished to perfection before being given as a gift. Finn was thrilled and thanked Boaraphalis, who gently cupped his face with one hand while attaching the earring with the other.


Finn glanced at the earring from the corner of his eye and ran his hand over it in amazement. "But why did you..." he began to ask, but his words were cut short when he noticed that Boaraphalis was now wearing a matching earring on his other ear, looking down at Finn with an expression of love and admiration. Finn beamed with joy, and the two friends hugged each other wordlessly, with Finn burying his red face in Boaraphalis's chest.


"Thanks, mate..."


And ever since then, he never once has taken it off for any reason.

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