X-men: Revival: Decisions

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The world, as ever was divided, is coming to a head once more, after a long dwindle in the age of mutants, from the minds of those who still remember their numbers and their existence among humans. However, seemingly in a flash, suddenly there's been rampant reappearances of the ones of old, with no memory of the occurrence in the years since their disappearances. It has been decades. It is as if those who were once gone have been restored and even those who were not involved, suspect nothing, despite the changed, evolved world around them. It is as if time and memory have been manipulated. But by who and why?
out blinding her as the area changed.

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Chapter 9: Decisions

After some time, they returned to the mansion on Muir Island and made their way to the living room. A furious yell was heard as they walked over to Bishop: you are out of your mind! Do you think I'm just gonna go along with that?! Do you know who you are? Do you know WHAT you are?!

in front of them, an awakened Nalm sat on the couch as Moira looked at the two of them. He shook his head Nalm: I'm not gonna stay locked up like some kind of treasure! We have to do something about Sinister and the rest of them. If you don't like it, go back to where you came from.

Beast and Storm soon made their way over Storm: what's wrong? why all the shouting?

Bishop stared at them Bishop: you X-Men! you just corrupt so many people don't you?! Drag mutants into your little war with humanity! I can't believe I wanted to join you!

Ellie blinked, confused by this as she made her way over next. "I don't..understand. What happened? I'm guessing you told Nalm your plan?"

Nalm shook his head. Nalm: I figured it out really. We have to take down M.I.N.C.E at their home base. I'm willing to do whatever I can to stop them.

Moira shook her head Moira: I for one, say you are still too weak to fight them. Have you ever considered what Apocalypse's influence on your own mind could have done to you?

Bishop shook his head Bishop: Forget that! The fact you want to go into a place full of people who would want nothing better than to put holes in you is what matters to me!

Ellie stared at the three of them. "Can you at least let him answer your questions and also hear him out? I still don't like that you're not really giving him a choice in choosing his own fate, anyhow.."

Bishop shook his head Bishop: Again, it is you that gets in the way... I've seen this before! you four go in there and get yourselves trapped then they make you guinea pigs for Sinister! I'm not letting that happen again, he soon raised his gun towards her and I'll kill you to make sure it doesn't happen!

Storm and Beast moved in front of Ellie while Moira looked on shocked. Nalm growled and stood up. soon from the side door of the mansion Forge walked out Forge: …oh.. did I come at a bad time..

Ellie shook her head. "I get that you're serious about making sure it doesn't happen, but killing me isn't going to prevent that! In fact, you'd be doing Sinister a favor. based on what we learned already."

He snarled Bishop: I think I'd be doing the world better! Screw this life trinity crap! if I take out one, that would make it pointless for them to even try coming after Nalm, who better to get rid of but a traitorous general from the future times!

Ellie looked at him. "I may have been a traitorous general in your future, but what makes you think I'm going to be one in this world's future?"

A voice came from the doorway ???: Stand down Bishop! No one killing anyone. Soon Cyclops walked out from the doorway in a new suit. He stared at Bishop with a snarl if you want a fight then try me!

Another voice came from the doorway as a man walked out as well beside him. ???: I'm also game, come try me!

Beast blinked. Beast: Havoc?

Forge looked to the group. Forge: Cyclops and Havoc got back a bit ago, I was bringing them up to speed as well as fixing a few of their old suits. I used a bit of the ancient sentinel tech to do it. Thought we might stand a better chance.

Moira blinked. Moira: you did what? Isn't that dangerous?!

Forge shook his head. Forge: not at all, I just copied over a few bits of the data and worked from what I had.

Bishop snarled. Bishop: Bring it on Summer brothers! Your powers won't work on me!

Havoc readied himself. Havoc: Oh? I doubt that!

Cyclops nodded Cyclops: you can absorb energy, but it won't do you any good if we strike you both at the same time! Don't try us!

Ellie spoke up. "Would you all just stop?! There's no reason for you all to fight! He wants me dead so badly, then he can at least explain to me why he's so determined to see it through directly!"

Bishop snarled then turned his gun on her Bishop: I've had enough of you! For the future! he soon readied to fire but his gun had disappeared. He gasped looking around what… where did…

Nalm sighed and looked at him. Nalm: don't expect to get that back until you want to start acting right.

Bishop blinked Bishop: why… why did you stop me!?

Nalm growled. Nalm: Im tired of all this arguing. I don't care who you are or where you came from, got it? I'm going to that base, even if I have to go by myself.

Forge smiled Forge: amazing.. it was faster than I could blink.

Bishop growled as his hands glowed Bishop: I don't need a gun to take them all down…

Nalm raised his hand. Bishop's energy suddenly vanished. Bishop: what?!

Nalm shook his head. Nalm: It's pointless. I sped up your body's energy charge and depowered you.

Bishop gasped and kneeled down. Bishop: nngh! i feel so tired!

Ellie blinked, surprised. "Ah.. "

Nalm shook his head. Nalm: I've had over a thousand years to practice my powers! I am far from weak, Bishop. Do you think I don't know what it means to fight? To walk into a room full of hidden dangers or people who want nothing but to kill me? I was a ruler of ancient times and a prophet! I didn't just get it all handed to me!

Bishop sighed Bishop: I only… want to protect the future!.. my future and everyone else's.

Nalm kneeled down and looked at him Nalm: then help us! don't try to run away and hide. It won't do any good. If you know what's gonna happen then help us.

Bishop growled Bishop: ….tsk!.. I guess I should help my elders. he moved to stand and fell back onto the couch old man..

Nalm blinked Nalm: I'm not even thirty!

Ellie laughed a little, although nervously. "Come to think of it, I don't even know how old you actually are."

Nalm blinked and huffed Nalm: pah! don't ask! Do you even know how old YOU are? geez!

Forge spoke up Forge: if you want to be accurate, he's technically over a thousand.. however, he's physically near the age to drink.

Nalm growled looking at him Nalm: the hell forge!?

Ellie laughed. "I'm 19."

Nalm shook his head Nalm: can we not do this..

Wolverine soon walked in Wolverine: Looks like I miss the fun? everything alright? he looked to Cyclops hm? Cyclops and.. Havoc? oh, now this is gettin' interestin'.

Cyclops looked to everyone Cyclops: everyone, before we go any further. I'd like to explain what I was doing.
the group focused on him as he and Havoc sat down Cyclops: With things the way they were, I had to look for more help. I contacted Havoc to meet me at our old house but it wasn't that easy. Seems like we were targeted.
Havoc growled Havoc: M.I.N.C.E bombed our house to hell! They were after me and Cyclops. What's more, there are mutants working with them! the brotherhood!

Ellie nodded. "Based on what we learned from Deadpool, M.I.N.C.E. is using mutants to eliminate other mutants they view as threats. Since only humans are stopped by the current laws from acting against us. so that makes sense."

Cyclops nodded Cyclops: So it seems.. what really surprised me was it was Mystique's band personally that came after us… and as you know...

Wolverine nodded Wolverine: they're dead...

Cyclops nodded Cyclops: Blob, Avalance, Pyro, and Toad. They didn't skimp on their usual quirks either. They were not even remotely different from the originals.

Beast nodded Beast: it seems our enemy has started pulling the souls of willing mutants to cloned bodies. Sinister's work probably.

Cyclops nodded Cyclops: Makes sense.. as we fought their bodies started to crumble. They ended up going suicide on us.

Havoc nodded Havoc: they had bombs in their chest that nearly killed us. We had to send them flying off into the air so they could detonate away.

Wolverine growled Wolverine: looks like the Brotherhood ain't afraid of death after all.

Cyclops nodded Cyclops: by the time we got out of there, we were pretty banged up. They ended up calling off their attack though for some other target apparently. We only escaped by hiding in our family's cellar.

Beast nodded Beast: So then it's true… their souls are being pulled onto this side.. however, what happened to their souls after they destroyed themselves?

Havoc nodded Havoc: they went into this weird machine. It was definitely nothing I'd seen before. It seemed to keep them in there so they wouldn't just die.

Forge blinked Forge: It couldn't be… a Soulcatcher?

Storm blinked Storm: you know of this machine, Forge?

Forge nodded Forge: you remember how I was able to get the data from the sentinel head right? well, I happen to stumble upon one of these in the interior of it.. he grabbed a bag from the side of his hip and revealed the contents of it. A cracked glowing cube was placed on the table in front of the group I was able to get information on it from the data I found as well. This is a Soulcatcher, Designed by the future to hold the souls of thousands of dead mutants. Specifically made to imprison whoever was the target of the sentinel's mission.

Havoc blinked Havoc: that's it! it's almost the same! but the colors were different!

Cyclops nodded Cyclops: yeah and the other was poorly made. Looked less future-like...

Beast thought for a moment looking at the cube Beast: Fascinating.. a prototype maybe? though…

Nalm shivered Nalm: th…that's…. he backed away a bit. that thing…. it's…

Ellie looked over at him. "It's..what?"

Nalm growled Nalm: A prison cube!… it's almost like what I was sealed in! this one is made for souls though, not for the living! where the hell did you get this!?

Storm looked to him Storm: Nalm, calm down, it's okay.

He shook his head backing away further Nalm: it's NOT okay! That thing is what caused all my followers to die! That's what Apocolypse used to beat me! He took all their souls into himself and bested me those years ago! If one turns their souls to power they can gain enough strength to even rival the strongest of mutants!

The group looked at him shocked and surprised. Bishop growled Bishop: then we have to destroy it!

Forge shook his head Forge: stop! I haven't done enough research on it to see how it may react. It could activate defenses!

Bishop growled Bishop: I'm not letting that thing get a chance to! he soon powered up and fired at it. The blast hit the cube causing it to shake and send out a shockwave knocking everyone to the ground and destroying the area around it.

Soon everyone slowly got up. Wolverine looked at the cube seeing it floating and now glowing red Wolverine: hey bub! That doesn't look like a good sign!

Forge slowly stood up and blinked Forge: it's not!.. the cube's sent out a distress signal!

Ellie slid off the gauntlets and tried reaching for the cube, intending to try to use her electricity to either absorb its energy or overload it.

Suddenly her powers shook the cube and what seemed like a vision flowed through her mind igniting her body in blue flames. Around her the world was devastated and giant sentinels walked searching for any survivors. Skulls littered the ground as flames ignited in areas all over. The world was in ruins and all that existed were the machines. Cyclops with Beast pulled her away from the cube as it dropped to the ground. The group fell backward on the ground Cyclops: Ellie! are you alright!?

Ellie shuddered, trembling where she sat at what she'd seen. "Sentinels everywhere…" she muttered to herself.

the group looked on shocked. Soon Forge blinked and looked outside after hearing two huge ground-shaking thumps. He looked wide-eyed seeing towering figures Forge: ….Sentinels!…

The group gathered and regained themselves looking to the windows. Beast snarled Beast: here?! Their supposed to be dismantled, there are supposed to be NO sentinels! The law forbids them!

Wolverine readied his claws Wolverine: Tell that to the two towering lumps of metal in the yard!

Cyclops moved to the door as Havoc and Storm followed behind him Cyclops: on me everyone.

Soon a person walked from behind the sentinels to the front of the house ???: at last.. it took some time.. but I'm free. I've been waiting for someone to screw up and use the Soul Prism.. I must say I'm not impressed with the future.

The group looked wide-eyed at the figure as Cyclops growled Cyclops: Bastion!? ….how… how is he...

He waved his hand as the Sentinels moved forward Bastion: destroy the house. Kill the Mutants.
before they could get too close however Nalm appeared in front of them. Bastion blinked stopping the sentinels Bastion: hmm?..

Moira blinked Moria: Nalm!?

Bishop soon rushed over and growled Bishop: what the hell is he doing?

Nalm looked to them focused Nalm: You… I know you.. you were in my dream.. you're a being from a no longer existing timeline trapped in the Prism...

Bastion scanned Nalm but looked confused Bastion: …an unknown anomaly has appeared.. detecting high levels of mutant DNA.. he smirked a new one huh.. just what are you?

Ellie blinked, moved outside, and made her way toward them. "What do you mean he was in your dream?"

Nalm nodded Nalm: you saw it didn't you? That endless destruction from these machines? it was a future that didn't happen.

Ellie stared at him in surprise. "Ah.. yes.."

He nodded Nalm: the Soul Prism holds a lot of beings that were wiped out from several future timelines.. he looked to Bastion your already destroyed machine. It's time to wipe you from the timeline.

Bastion blinked Bastion: wh-what the?! what or who?! attack go attack! he started forward in a rush to them.

Nalm shook his head as his eyes glowed Nalm: you are already gone. he soon sent out a shockwave that turned the sentinels and bastion into nothing as if they never existed.

the others rushed outside surprised at what had happened. Nalm looked to Bishop then smacked his arm Nalm: Stop doing stupid things!

Bishop blinked Bishop: ow.. that kind of hurt!

Nalm then sighed a bit and kneeled down Nalm: that took some doing a little...

Cyclops shook his head Cyclops: Nalm, just what happened?

Nalm looked to Bishop Nalm: Carry me back to the couch. he looked to forge next. Forge, can you tell them... I'm sure you guessed it.

Bishop blinked as Nalm hopped into his arms. He soon moved back to the couch as the others walked back into the house following. Forge then followed and looked to everyone as they stood waiting for answers Forge: to put it simply. What we saw just now was a being from another future. And it was a future we already went through. It was "Saved" in the Soul Prism.

Beast looked at him Beast: curious, it sounds as if you are saying they were taken from a future that happened and kept in the cube.

Forge nodded Forge: that's exactly right my friend. As I've been saying. This cube seems to function differently from what you have seen. It has more abilities than the cubes Cyclops have seen which leads me to think what M.I.N.C.E and Sinister created were prototypes made from data stolen from the sentinel head.

Bishop blinked Bishop: what does that mean? wait.. Do you mean to tell me theirs a spy running around?

Forge nodded Forge: to be specific, it may be a mole in this area. And for some time now I've picked up strange codes in the network. The spy is using some sort of camo.. but they are definitely around.

Cyclops looked around Cyclops: im not picking anything up on my visor.. still, if they saw what happened, it is only a matter of time before they go after the Soul Prism...

Wolverine sniffed the air Wolverine: hm.. then I was right.. been smellin' somethin' in the air for a while now.. just wasn't able to pin it down.

Forge looked to the group Forge: I suggest everyone split up into smaller groups and search the island. I am not able to fully track them but I have made something to check on interference spots. he handed them a small device that gave off sound beeps its like a sonar but for codes in the air. It searches for any encoded data that could… ah.. I'll keep it simple. It looks for what's not supposed to be here, the shorter the beep the closer the enemy.

Wolverine shook his head Wolverine: be faster on my own.. he started off towards the door opening it then looked to them happy hunting folks he soon went out and closed the door behind him.

Forge looked to Ellie Forge: I noticed you did a number on your gloves. Let me take them for a bit.

Ellie picked them up from where she'd set them down earlier and handed them over to Forge. "Alright."

He took them and nodded. Forge: give me two minutes and I'll have them ready.

Cyclops and Havoc moved to the door Cyclops: we're going to search too. Storm and Beast keep an eye on Bishop and Nalm. Ellie, are you coming with us?

Ellie shook her head. "I..want to stay here for a moment, if that's okay..?"

He nodded Cyclops: that's fine, if anything happens were just outside. he soon left with Havoc outside.

Ellie sighed a little but looked over toward Bishop and Nalm, pausing a moment before asking. "I'm still a bit curious, What did you think would stop just for killing me?"

Bishop looked to Nalm then to her Bishop: In traveling through time, I've seen a lot of futures, in one of them you and Nalm met and he gained his powers but you also took his life during a war and his powers using Forge's machine. I didn't know till later though that it wasn't Nalm who ended the war, it was you.. and through the bloodiest way. That future is a possibility and it can't happen if you're destroyed.

Ellie stared at him in horror. "But why would I do that? I don't want to hurt Nalm, let alone get him killed!" she blurted out without thinking. "That doesn't sound like something I'd do by choice!"

Beast nodded hearing them Beast: If I may interject. I do believe she would not do that by choice as well, and with the information, Deadpool told us, it seems that such a thing could very well be true.

Nalm blinked Nalm: what info did he say?

beast summed it up mostly and told the two of them what they were told. Bishop blinked Bishop: then you are saying what I saw was Ellie as Sinister? That monster!

Nalm nodded Nalm: that sounds like something he'd do.. taking over one of the trinity.. that's probably his main goal.

Beast nodded Beast: correct. I can understand now why Bishop is worried for you as well on that part.

Bishop nodded Bishop: still.. he looked to Ellie I was wrong about you, and I'm sorry for that.

Ellie shook her head. "It's okay. I can understand. Besides, you were just trying to protect what you care about."

Bishop shook his head Bishop: it's.. it's not that simple..

Before he could talk more a rapid beeping was heard. Soon Forge walked into the room as the beeps grew more rapid Forge: the intruder is near!…

Bishop stood up looking around Bishop: where?!

suddenly a grenade dropped down to the middle of them and a flash of light blinded the group. A cloaked figure soon grabbed the cube and rushed to the door.

Ellie's vision blurred but she held her hand out towards the direction of the door and squeezed her hand into a fist, pulling the air from the blood of the cloaked figure to try to stall them and make them gasp for air.

The figure gasped but stopped dropping the cube as Nalm waved his hands making it vanish and reappear near him. Soon Bishop still blind tracked the figure's breathing and rushed towards it throwing a punch. The figure was knocked away from the door and into the wall but the light faded and soon it was gone again. Footsteps could be heard going upstairs to the dorms then nothing. Forge shook his head and looked around Forge: a flashbang.. does this mean the attacker is human? whoever they are we should fan out and search.

Beast shook his head Beast: there is no need.. they're still here.. he pointed to a line of red light aimed at the very heart of Ellie from the side door.

a distorted voice spoke still under the cloak ???: Move and she's dead. On the couch, toss the cube over towards the door.

Ellie froze at the sight of it but spoke out. "Don't give it to them!"

Bishop shook his head Bishop: don't intend to, Nalm, are you ready?

He nodded. The voice spoke again ???: I said don't move!

Bishop rushed forward at the figure but a gunshot was heard. The bullet rushed toward Ellie but Nalm raised his hand, the bullet soon slowed and turned to rust tapping Ellie a bit on the chest. A gasp was heard by the figure but soon Bishop was already upon them. They moved to pull out a blade as he approached, but Nalm quickly rose his hand and made Bishop's gun appear in the air, He grabbed it and aimed it toward the cloaked figure Bishop: I don't know where you are, but I know one thing.. this gun is aimed at your skull.. how about you stop hiding.

Ellie shivered a bit, seeing all this and feeling the tap. "Thanks.."

The figure decloaked and held up their hands dropping the knife. It was revealed to be a woman. She growled a bit staring a little at Bishop ???: ….

Bishop shook his head Bishop: a little spy come here to take what's not yours huh, how long have you been here?

She stayed quiet ???: ….

Beast shook his head Beast: it seems the lady will not talk.

Forge shook his head Forge: that optic camouflage isn't something given to rookies. I bet you were not prepared for mutants though. I'll call the others to get back here. he moved to the next room.

Bishop shook his head Bishop: I can make her talk, how bout a bullet to her leg.

Beast shook his head Beast: we are not heartless monsters.

she spoke a bit ???: mcoy..

Beast blinked Beast: hmm? did you.. say my name?

She stared at him ???: you are.. Hank Mcoy are you not?

He nodded Beast: I am, and, you are?

She growled Collete: I am Collete… Collete Brand.

Beast blinked Beast: ….that last name… you… you wouldn't happen to be related to..

She snarled Collete: … I'm her offshoot. I'm no mutant though.

Beast shivered Beast: Abigail…

Collete shook her head Collete: Im surprised you would remember her name. Know that she was not the same person you knew. Your Abbie doesn't exist anymore. She died on that mission a long time ago but Sinister gave her a new life.

Beast stayed silent Beast: ….

She grinned with a snarky smirk Collete: years ago, she was the first one cloned by sinister. She had no powers though, she was considered a failure. No memories no nothing. She ended up getting married and went into the army. She died fighting a mutant though, one that you all could have stopped. You damn muties didn't think of humans when you went to war. She closed her eyes before she died she had a healthy baby. That one was me.

Beast shook his head Beast: …Sinister.. did that...

She laughed Collete: what? you thought she would come back from the grave and run into your arms? stupid mutie. I spent years training and going up the ranks to fight you mutants! but all i got was a fight off the land, some stupid war between humans right after another, and no revenge on the one who killed my mother! I hate you all you know that right!? Especially you! She shook her head closing her eyes the only good thing about this is the one who killed her died at my hands.. even if it was a goddamn clone.

Beast blinked Best: is that what you always wanted? to spread fear and get revenge? What of your mother? did she fight for her country or to exterminate mutant kind?

she hissed at him Collete: Don't you DARE speak about my mother mutant! you don't know squat! She died from that monster's fangs and claws.. but I stuck a blade deep in Sabertooth's heart and watched him die. That was a great feeling, I had to join Sinister to feel it again. The rush of killing mutants makes my blood feel alive.

Beast turned away Beast: …if that is your feelings.. then you are nothing but another killer. You may have been born by an incomplete clone.. but the Abigail I knew would never wish for anyone's death. Even as a clone.

She snarled and slid a hidden knife from under her sleeve Collete: Screw you mutant scum! In a rage, she rushed forward at the beast.

Before she could get close however she gasped and choked coughing Collete: nngh Cough no… no… no I dont want to…. ahhhhhh!!!! she yelled out as her body turned black and disappeared into smoke. Beast blinked looking in horror.

Bishop growled Bishop: there's another intruder?! nngh! I can't move…

Beast tried to move but was stuck as well Beast: nnngh! im paralyzed!

Soon Forged walked out of the room unable to control his movement. Forge: Nngh… what… is happening.. something's got control of me...

Nalm struggled to move but was stuck as well Nalm: …whatever it is…we can't… move..

A female's voice was heard ???: I had a feeling my little spy would be caught.. a good thing I decided to come here myself.

From the doorway, a woman revealed herself from the cloak. Soon after two soldiers appeared beside her she smiled ???: im overjoyed to be in the famous X mansion.

the group struggled as she looked at the soldiers. One moved forward and took the cube walking back to her side. 

She smiled with an evil grin and then spoke on the radio in her ear Shadestorm: Operative Shadestorm, request portal open section seven grid thirty-five.

soon a portal opened and a soldier with the cube started off towards it. She shook her head Shadestorm: I really thought it would be harder, to think you would leave yourselves so open.

Nalm snarled Nalm: don't… don't take it!… you don't know what you have!…

She looked to him Shadestorm: Delta target? don't worry we won't damage it. Not until we get all of the information out of it. Target Alpha, you'll have to wait till we're done.

Ellie struggled to free herself.

She shook her head Shadestorm: its useless to try and break free, as long as there's a tiny shadow around, your entire bodies belong to me.

as the soldier moved to the gate however he was blasted away by a blue beam of energy and sent flying out of the window dropping the soul prism to the ground. Shadestorm blinked looking to the doorway and seeing Cyclops and Havoc. Before they could focus on her though she froze them in their tracks. She sighed a bit looking at them Shadestorm: damn them. I thought they were still preoccupied chasing wild geese.. tch! Grab the cube.

Cyclops struggled to break free along with Havoc as the heavily gunned soldier moved to the cube. As he reached towards it Wolverine appeared jumping down from the roof and pounced on him sending his claws through the man. She gasped seeing him as he stood up and charged at her only for him to get stuck and growl. She looked as the portal soon closed Shadestorm: damn it! you stupid mutants are ruining everything! She waved her hands forcing everyone against the walls of the living room.

Binding them tightly she walked over to the cube and reached toward it but was shocked by a charge from it and lost her focus on Nalm, Beast, and Ellie. A charge from Ellie's touch seemed to react to Shadestorm's mutant blood Shadestorm: what the!?

Ellie quickly held out her hands towards Shadestorm and aimed for her, trying to send an electrical charge coursing through her in reaction to her blood.

Shadestorm quickly rose a shadow of darkness up to block the attack only for the light of the electricity to slip through and shock her. She yelled out in pain and kneeled down staggering from the attack Shadestorm: nnngh! you little brat! Soon everyone started to be released from the shadows. She huffed and quickly used the shadow of herself to melt into the ground and escape away this isn't over…

the group gasped as others were finally set free. Cyclops looked around Cyclops: everyone's headcount now! secure the area.

Wolverine growled Wolverine: that woman wasn't normal. Ain't a mutant alive that can pull that trick off easily.

Forge shook his head Forge: they took them! Storm and Moira!

Beast blinked Beast: what!?

Forge growled Forge: I was ambushed in the next room. That woman's shadow got them, then the portal opened up and Storm and Moira were grabbed through it.

Beast snarled Beast: that was one of Blink's portals.. but it seemed slightly altered..

Wolverine growled Wolverine: Enough of this bein' hittin' on our turf! time to take the war to them!

Wolverine moved to the door. Cyclops yelled out to him Cyclops: wolverine! Where are you going?!

Wolverine snarled Wolverine: Where ya think, bub! I'm gettin' Storm and Moira back.

Cyclops growled Cyclops: I thought you'd say that.. fine, we're going with you. he looked to Forge, get the cube somewhere safe!

Forge nodded Forge: of course. I know only one place safe from portals. Return to the research center when it is all over. Bring Moira back for me.

He nodded. Bishop walked over to Cyclops Bishop: I'm coming with you! your gonna need all the firepower you can get.

Nalm nodded Nalm: im going too. Bishop looked to him but Nalm shook his head im fine, I won't overdo it, in fact, ill stay in the jet if you want, but I've got a way to even the odds at least.

Beast nodded Beast: I will go with you all and stay on the jet with Nalm. No one will get to us.

Ellie spoke up. "Let me come.. I think I know a way to help against Shadowstorm, especially if you come up against her again."

Cyclops nodded Cyclops: alright, but be careful.

Forge looked at her Forge: Ellie, here. he soon handed her, the gloves repaired and ready to go. I've adjusted them to allow you to exceed your original output. Use them well.

She nodded and reached for the gloves, putting them on. "Thank you."

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