X-men: Revival: Unrest

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The world, as ever was divided, is coming to a head once more, after a long dwindle in the age of mutants, from the minds of those who still remember their numbers and their existence among humans. However, seemingly in a flash, suddenly there's been rampant reappearances of the ones of old, with no memory of the occurrence in the years since their disappearances. It has been decades. It is as if those who were once gone have been restored and even those who were not involved, suspect nothing, despite the changed, evolved world around them. It is as if time and memory have been manipulated. But by who and why?
out blinding her as the area changed.

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Chapter 4: Unrest

Nalm rested on the couch as Mystique was set in the chair. Colossus, Storm, Beast, Wolverine, Cyclops, Nightcrawler, Gambit, and Professor X were gathered with Ellie as well. The Professor closed his eyes Professor: Simister's attack has left many things clear.. he is not going to give up.. and he has many clones.. and he may have many more allies alongside him we do not know of.
Mystique huffed Mystique: you'll all be begging for your lives soon.. Sinister is not your true enemy, Humans will exterminate the rest of us.
Wolverine shook his head Wolverine: ya been saying that for years now Mystique and it looks more to me that you and Sinister are the ones plottin' to kill what's left of mutants.
She laughed Mystique: Stupid fool! have you no idea what they have done? this decline in mutants is their doing!
Professor X shook his head Professor X: the source of the decline is not them, if anything many have been trying to help. The time of war is over between both our kinds.
Mystique grinned Mystique: as if someone who would beg and bow at their feet like a dog would know what i means to be at war! But soon... soon all the world will know what true hell is, and Mutants will rise again!
Cyclops growled Cyclops: what are you planning Mystique!
She laughed Mystique: oh i'm not the one planning anything. The "ally to mutants everywhere" is already planning many things. He has already cloned Magneto! Our One true Savior of Homo Superior!
the group looked surprised. Wolverine huffed Wolverine: she's busted in the head! Ain't no way he can clone a dead man that fell into a volcano.
Mystique shook her head Mystique: Oh he's alive alright metal mouth, and soon once his soul is returned from the Astral Plane, the true Mutant Overlord will return.
Professor X sighed Professor X: the Astral Plane... just what is sinister doing... his allies reach that far?...no..
Mystique laughed Mystique: You think your all safe? you think you have won? the war is just starting! Soon everyone we lost will return to us, the key is another mutant that was discovered. She's able to pull them straight from the afterlife and return them!
Professor X looked wide eyed Professor X: an Omega level mutant?! but we would have sensed it!
Mystique smirked Mystique: not if they were shielded by humans. In fact, I believe you know him well metal man.
Colossus growled Colossus: nyet! it's impossible, comrade Dolsaiev!?
She laughed Mystique: why do you think he is playing buddy, buddy with you? much less all of the X men? he wants you to find her, to find Soultouch! you'll never find her though, Sinister has hidden her where no one can find her.
Cyclops growled Cyclops: where is Sinister's main base! tell us! Now!
She grinned Mystique: you want to know so badly, how about you ask M.I.N.C.E.
Professor X blinked Professor X: what? what does M.I.N.C.E have to do with this?
She shook her head Mystique: they discovered her first. They never told a soul.. in fact they used her to bring back your Tin man and give him a heart. You of all people know that a clone alone is nothing but a dog without a brain and soul.
Colossus growled Colossus: grah! how... how can this be! he soon rushed off leaving the mansion in anger.
Professor X looked to Cyclops, Cyclops nodded and headed after him. He then looked to
Mystique. 'Mystique, if you have all this, then why attack the mansion with Sinister? Raven! Tell me the truth!'
She smiled Mystique: Charles.. so misguided and blind, you don't understand anything of genetics do you? the clones are not able to stay together without the proper blood to stabilize them. What's more it takes quite a strain to create a full clone in adult form.. but what if we could make them a child then grow them at a fast pace with how we like? We need both blood and time.
Professor X blinked Professor X: blood and time.. and a soul..
Jean shivered Jean: then Ellie, Nalm and this other one ...their all needed.
Mystique closed her eyes turning away Mystique: before she died.. she told me.. Destiny told me of the "Trinity of Life".. three mutants that would save all mutant kind.. or be the bringer of the Apocalypse.
Professor X looked to her Professor X: what did she tell you.. Raven, do you really want the world to be in another war?
She lowered her head Mystique: i'll gladly put it in a thousand wars if it meant all we lost would return.. Destiny told me this warning. "the Trinity of Life will ascend mutants to their place once more.. correcting the timeline, or the Enigma of the Broken Time will revive the Apocalypse using the blood, soul, and time.". She told me that.
Raven turned away staying silent as the Professor looked to the others Professor: Things are escalating quickly. Far from what I could even consider.. but all of this is familiar.. We will have to gather every single one of the surviving X men and all our allies for this task.
Jean looked to him Jean: professor, what is it? what should we do?
He sighed a bit then nodded Professor X: the two of them will be safer on Muir Island. Ask for the rest of us, the X men will split up to three places. I myself will have to do this as well. We will need to investigate three areas. M.I.N.C.E's Home base, The Astral Plane and lastly, the remains of Avalon or Asteroid M.
Mystique growled Mystique: Don't you dare step foot on the holy ground!
he shook his head Professor X: we have to put an end to all of this. Can you not see Raven, that sinister is bringing them back not for the mutant race, but for his own purposes? what good is bringing mutants back to life if they are merely slaves to him!? this is what I and Magnus fought to never happen for all our lives. I refuse to allow that to happen, even if it costs me my own life.
Mystique shook her head Mystique: your wrong Charles.. Sinister promised.. that is the only reason I helped him with his research. I've seen him! he's still alive.. he just needs more time..
He shook his head Professor X: alive or dead, he would feel the same as I do Raven, and I'm sure you of all people know that Sinister is never to be trusted.
She closed her eyes thinking on his words. Holding her chest she shook her head feeling torn Mystique: Genosha... Sinister's home base is at Genosha.. the Mutant Graveyard.
Wolverine growled Wolverine: that damn Sinister! Genosha! where the sentinels practically barbecued Mutants on a stick! Aint no one supposed to be there!
Mystique nodded Mystique: he had help from a mercenary.. Deadpool was able to get him in there..
Wolverine snarled Wolverine: Deadpool!?
Professor X nodded Professor X: Genosha is highly guarded.. it takes a teleporter of skill to get in.. and all mutants will never step foot on that island. Only someone as insane as deadpool would do such a thing..
Wolverine snarled as his claws came out Wolverine: ill cut that little pipsqueak to shreds when i see him!
Professor X shook his head Professor X: Wolverine! there may not be any need for that. Deadpool is a professional mercenary is he not? Maybe he would work for the right price.
Wolverine snarled Wolverine: Chuck! ya plan to pay the maniac?!
Professor X nodded Professor X: im sure he will want something more than money, but these are desperate times..
Wolverine snarled Wolverine: I aint gonna bend to anyone! ya know that right?
Professor X nodded Professor X: I understand, then how about this wolverine.. if he declines then your free to rip him to as many shreds as you like, just leave enough of his mind left for me to use.
Wolverine blinked Wolverine: thats pretty cold Chuck, ya sure you wanna do that?
The Professor nodded Professor: as I said.. desperate times call for desperate measures.. Logan.
Wolverine smirked Wolverine: alright, then i'll be waitin'.
Professor X nodded Professor: X men, we have our missions. First Cyclops and Jean, I will need you to drop the two of them off at Muir island.
Jean nodded but when she went to move Nalm she gasped and stopped Jean: ...professor.. Nalm..
the group looked to Nalm, his powers were rapidly shifting him from his forms. Professor X blinked Professor: ...quickly! Everyone out right now!
Nightcrawler grabbed the groups and teleported them outside the mansion with others running out next. As soon as everyone was a far distance the entire mansion exploded and soon was pulled into a black hole like power disappearing along with Nalm.
Ellie yelped out. "What the hell was that?!"
Mystique shivered Mystique: he's gone.. the key to the trinity of life is dead! Charles! what have you done!?
Professor X Shook his head Professor X: he's not dead. Do not worry..
Jean nodded Jean: his time powers were disrupted from accelerating his age.. he's been thrown into the future with the mansion and everything around it. Where in the future could be days or years.. but in the end he will return..
Professor X closed his eyes Professor: we will have to all relocate to Muir Island for the time being it seems.. luckily the X Jet was unharmed. Lets go before this draws any more attention..
the group slowly made their way to the X Jet as Cyclops walked off the platform. He sighed Cyclops: the mansion's been destroyed so many times.. but this is the first time i've heard of it traveling to the future..
Wolverine smirked Wolverine: don't worry sike, i'm sure your room will be as clean as you want boy scout.
Cyclops growled a bit and waved his hand Cyclops: wolverine.. get on the plan already.
Ellie made her way onto the plane. "Can.. someone explain what Muir Island is?"
The X mansion suddenly appeared floating in a dimension of space surrounded by a long road of light. A figure looks to it surprised ?: the hell?... is that... the X mansion... wait! soon after it vanishes as if it were never there The figure steps forward confused* ...don't know what happened... but that doesn't look good.. let's see if I can find Cable..

d* ...don't know what happened... but that doesn't look good.. let's see if I can find Cable..

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