Using my fire to help guide others at night.: Accidental pyromancy

Published Nov 26, 2022, 1:33:02 AM UTC | Last updated Dec 2, 2022, 12:55:27 AM | Total Chapters 3

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Sitting on the top of a stone cliff, I cup my hands and will the bluish white fire I can control into existence. Spreading my hands while extending my arms to their full length, I make it grow into a ball of fire as big as I am tall. I've always thought of it as a gift of sorts but others treat it like it's a curse, they see it as a mark of a demon and now I'm starting to not like it. In spite of that, I still try to use it to help, like I am now. Sleep hasn't been an issue for me so serving as a makeshift lighthouse at night is something I do whenever I can.

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Chapter 1: Accidental pyromancy

"Come back before sunset! " My father calls after me and my younger sister "And Magna, take care of your sister you hear me?" 

"I know," I reply, waving away his concerns "I know"

Following my mute younger sister through the woods to a place she likes to play at, I swear I saw something moving in the shadows but I ignore it. It's probably just a trick of the light shining through the leaves of the trees around us. Looking forward, I see her running back towards me with fear in her eyes and I look past her to find a tiger the same size as me chasing her.

"Go!" I yell pointing behind me as I prepare to buy her enough time for her to reach our parents "I'll buy you some time, so hurry! I don't know how long I can fight it."

Charging forwards, I slam my fists down on its head and it staggers back a bit in surprise. Shooting a quick glance over my shoulder as it did so, I see her exit the forest and I return my attention to the tiger. Sadly,  I couldn't move far enough fast enough to dodge its attack and it bit down on my shoulder, spraying blood as I roared in pain. I barely noticed the birds fly away when I did that as I was trying to pry its jaws open and I managed to do it after I bit its right ear off. Spitting out the ear, I quickly check how bad the bite was. Thanks to my thick scales it wasn't deep but it felt like thousands of white hot daggers were buried in my shoulder. Growling, I glare at the beast that gave me this wound and I start striding towards it, both of my hands having their claws fully extended. When it leaped at me again, I ducked and rammed my horns into its belly and I close my eyes when it starts bleeding heavily. Grabbing its sides, I dig my claws as far into it as I could and began to force my hands together. As its ribs began to crack, the heat in my shoulder grew in intensity and I finally realized that my entire arm was covered in bluish white fire. Pulling the tiger off of my horns, I toss its body onto the ground and clutch my bleeding shoulder once I wiped the blood out of my eyes. 

"Magna," My father says not too far behind me and I turn to look at him "You killed it almost two minutes ago, that is why it wasn't doing anything while you crushed its ribcage and explain why you have your arm covered in fire."

"I believe I made it, I say slowly after some time of thinking and I will the fire to go out

It didn't work at first but it quickly extinguished itself and he saw the bite mark on my shoulder. That made his jaw tighten and he grabbed the jaw of the dead tiger. Lifting it up, its entire left side was charred.

" You're cursed," He says and seems to be about to say something else but he instead lets the corpse fall

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