Demy Raffle: Reference Guide

Published Sep 13, 2023, 7:00:37 AM UTC | Last updated Sep 13, 2023, 7:00:37 AM | Total Chapters 3

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I'm thinking about moving my raffle here so that everyone can click follow, and I'm sure this won't be my last raffle :>

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Chapter 1: Reference Guide

Preferred theme is simply a theme to give you some idea! You are not required to follow it.
Feel free to draw whatever at your fancy, as long as try to keep each character's overall personality is enough. 


Gloom | Birdsona | #ds12589

  • Preferred theme: Calm, Cloudy weather, winter season
  • He's a pheasant but his body is lean toward bird of prey, and can fly in longer distance than normal pheasant!
  • Has curve beak with tomial tooth
  • Don't forget to draw his 3 backcrests too
  • In his Stryx form he looks exactly like in his reference just have extra teeth, but nono to wing claw.
  • Also, he's inexpensive so I prefer you to draw him that way if possible!


Kairos | #ds9058

  • Preferred theme: Carefree vibe, Comfy bed, Sleepy, Programmer, Cyberpunk, Hologram
  • Has 2 tomial tooth at upper beak
  • Long hooked beak
  • Narrow ear-tuft
  • Tail reference


Wineblood | #ds12578

  • Preferred theme: Can be anything about nighttime! Back market, night street with neon light, night wood, terrorist, Fireeeee
  • Sharp body shape, sharp fang/talon
  • :elmosol:


Flashfloat | #te50

  • Preferred theme: Big brother vibe, Life in Cloudsdale, Dessert especially lollipop
  • Front view reference
  • When drawing him with other characters, please keep in mind that he doesn't like skinship D:


Opto | #te96

  • Preferred theme: Smile? He grins a lot in a weird way and often blushes when he finds something he likes. Picking fights with the local rat populations because yes
  • He's expressive. You can play with his weird emotion you can think of!

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