The Battle at the Evening Ball: Vogue Vampire Fight: Shikun Face her Fear

Published Oct 4, 2022, 9:35:55 PM UTC | Last updated Oct 4, 2022, 9:35:55 PM | Total Chapters 1

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This is the Written Tales of Shikun and Kama at the Evening Ball!

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Chapter 1: Shikun Face her Fear

Prompts: Draw or write about your character fighting the boss!


The Battle has begun and already Shikun got lost. The Vampire shift with the shadow in hit and run tactic, spreading the heroes thin trying to find him and here she goes getting lost. At this point she hopes to run into the vampire or the kitchen, she would be happy for either really. Though with how dark these halls are getting, she may have wander to the part of the palace that was meant to be off limit for tonight. 


Still cannot help but think it a wee unfair, he need blood, but he hurt people for it, animal is used to predator and prey relationship, no biggie. Sentient race however, they are a bit picky in being livestock or having their loved one eaten. This was a night of merriment not suffering, the more she thinks on it the madder she gets. As she fumes with her thoughts, she fail to notice the shadow move, following her, hovering over her... 


Shikun dodge the attack before she realized it was coming, blinking as she felt the instinct to kill coming at her as she jumps forward and turn to face the cloud of shadow as it chuckles. β€œYou have sharp senses; you can be trouble to me.” the Victorian pale face of the Vogue Vampire appears from the shadows as Shikun prepare for a battle. β€œNow then, no need for such a scary face. The less I have to fight the better...So look into my eyes and see what you fear the most.” He said as his eyes glare as he activated his Phobia gaze, much to his surprise the dumb reptile looks into his eyes like he asked...Most intelligent mortal is smart enough to resist at first but nope, she listens and stare into his eyes. 


Shikun met his gaze then blink as the look of terror glaze over them, just like all mortal facing their fears. He so enjoys the growing sense of doom as he takes on the mortal greatest fear. He steps forward as she grits her teeth's, her breath heavy as she stares at him in horror. Any moment now she will flee in utter terror, and he will have one less enemy to deal with...though he starting to notice some frost in the air...they are on top of a mountain, but the palace kept warmer then outside. 
β€œI...Hate...You...” a sharp fear but hateful voice hisses out as the vampire pause and look to Shikun, pausing as he sees her look of fear meld with a new look.... Utter hatred. This was confusing...she should be trap in fear, running away but she looks like she was facing her most hated enemy...someone she wanted dead...but... 


This time she took a step, ice form over her body as her breath become ragged, frozen mist steam from her snout and mouth with each hissing breath as she growls as the Vampire turn to back off. β€œIn every world you been on, I stare in their wanting eyes, I hear their hungry growl, they beg for scrap to get by...Children, Mothers, Father, Sibling, Elders, their flesh tightly over the bones because of you. YOU!!” 
Shikun unleash a chilling roar as the hallway erupted in ice, walls cracking, windows seal up, violent snowstorm wipe about the vampire as he stares in shock. What the hell could she fear and hate to such a level?! Water form in Shikun hands as she freezes it into an giant axe. β€œFor all life in the universe, I will KILL YOU HUNGER!!” 


β€œWait, her fear and hated enemy is...Hunger? As he tries to wrap his mind around that, it was clear he has no time to as Shikun lunge, slashing her Ice Axe down, shattering the floor as they fall to the floor below. The vampire summons the shadows to try to soften his fall when it ran down icicles' darts, piecing him as he slams into the floor. He groans as he feels the ice crack as Shikun landed, she was too out of control in this state! He looks up at her and release the terror effect on her mind as she lunges at him swinging the axe for his face, all he can do is close his eyes in anticipation... 


Splash of cold water hit his face as he opens his eyes to see a soak Shikun and a flooded room as Shikun blink confuse. β€œHuh...Where did Hunger go?” She seems confused and wander off, much to the surprise of the vampire. He stands up as he summons shadow to mend his wounds, Humans he understands, but aliens? It was best he does not incite them, no telling how they will react. 


He fades into the Shadows and disappear as Shikun return. β€œOh hey, did you see a vampire...oh...he gone...Darn. Not sure where I am but I should keep looking!” she heads off, returning to hunt the vampire before he hurt anyone else... 

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