Kyanoko: 1. A Breif Summary of a Tanuki Merchant

Published Sep 2, 2022, 1:16:37 AM UTC | Last updated Sep 4, 2022, 1:30:38 AM | Total Chapters 2

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Character submission for Kyanoko, a tanuki merchant, for PaperDemon.



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Chapter 1: 1. A Breif Summary of a Tanuki Merchant

Character Name: Kyanoko

Character Age: 330

Character Species: Tanuki

Hair color: No hair, but base brown fur

Eye color: Green.


Brief Biography:


Kyanoko was raised in a small tanuki community outside of a trading post village. The tanukis and the village folk often engaged in trade and Kyanoko took great enjoyment in the act of bartering. She was 20 when she strapped on her favorite sandals, pulled on her lucky green jacket , and placed her special tanuki leaf on her head before kissing her family goodbye. She set off on her personal journey, expanding her trade and finding delight in all of the new goods that she came across- new spices, new arts, new artisanal goods. Kyanoko loved them all.


To keep herself occupied on the road, Kyanoko took up brewing. She found overtime that some ingredients would react together in interesting ways, creating mystical effects to those who would drink them. She always travels with a special barrel of brew, which somehow always knows what the drinker wants from a brew. Some would pour from the barrel and get coffee, others tea, and some even would get alcoholic brews.


But after a few hundred years, trading became boring. Kyanoko felt like everything became a routine, even her brewing. Sure, it was exciting when a spice that took a decade to grow created a new harvest, when she was 50 and ten years was a fifth of her life span. She made a life changing decision for herself, she was going to explore other worlds. Kyanoko returned to her home, to the trading village it all began. Hugged her parents, regathered her essential supplies and held her breath as she walked through her first portal.

Brief Description:


Kyanoko is a seven foot tall, hefty tanuki woman with muscular arms. Her fur lays in earthy brown tones as a base and her arms, legs, chest, tip of her tail, and eye-masks are a warm black. She has copious fluff around her head, and stylizes it in such a way that makes it hard to tell when face ends and neck begins. She has a large smile that makes her tiny eyes disappear under her round cheeks. She loves the color green because it matches her green eyes and likes wearing clothes that show off her curvy body- afterall, a fat tanuki merchant is a successful tanuki merchant! She always wears a special leaf on her head, that no matter how much or however she moves, always finds its way back to the top of her head. She claims the leaf is the source of her magic and it is very precious to her, even more than her special barrel.


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