My OCs: The Cloak

Published Aug 29, 2022, 5:21:57 AM UTC | Last updated Sep 8, 2022, 6:44:51 PM | Total Chapters 4

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Chapter 1: The Cloak

Character name: The Cloak

Character Age: let's just say that I'm older than time

Character species: dunno, Enchanted cloak maybe? 

Hair: It's a hood. 

Eyes: Varies on which version of me that you meet, but it's usually a dark red. 

I'm a black bundle of clothes that has taken to fighting for the good in the world. You can call me Cloak or nothing at all. Oh, and don't try to outwit me, I am older than time, meaning that I've seen it all.

The Cloak is a dark bundle of enchanted clothes designed to protect the wearer at the time of being worn. However, this came to pass when he became sentient. He now spends his days fighting for the good in the world. 

latent element: water 

First time I used my element, I was on fire. Fire being my natural weakness, I had decided to run into a river. Yeah that's about it. 

Talisman: My talisman is an arm band given to me by my love, who sadly died before we could marry. But her dying wish was to take it,so I did. Then I killed the one responsible for killing her, my best friend, Nether. Nether actually turned out to be Satan incarnate. I was a little justified in killing him, since he was Satan and all. 

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