Prompt 29: Embarrassing

Published Aug 7, 2022, 8:38:03 AM UTC | Last updated Aug 7, 2022, 8:38:03 AM | Total Chapters 1

Story Summary

Tried out a comic script type of deal because I had wanted to draw this (still might at some point) but wanted to get in before the deadline.

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Chapter 1: Embarrassing

Figure 1: Freya (she/her)

Figure 2: Quinn (he/him)


Panel 1:

Two figures are walking through a dingy, dimly lit neighborhood. The buildings are in disrepair and alleys and side streets interject in strange and illogical places. The figure in the lead is hunched and walking hurriedly along. She has messy hair and tufted ears. She seems to be trying to quietly get away from the other who remains unaware of her discomfort as he is criticizing the former for letting an attacker go. His hair obscures half of his face. 


His expression is condescending. Her expression is enraged. 


“Blah blah blah… he’s going to get help you know… blah blah… then we’ll be outnumbered… blah… you could have killed him so many different times…blah blah blah… if you did we wouldn’t have to run away-” (text is bolder at the start but gets lighter as it fades out)


Panel 2:

She spins around and grabs him by the collar of his shirt lifting with one arm the other outstretched clawed hand inches away from his face. She’s angry but her appearance is wrong, it's distorted.


“WOULD YOU SHUT UP?! I’m trying to run away from YOU! I never wanted to be caught up in your mess! You hijacked MY DAY! IF YOU’RE SO TOUGH WHY DIDN’T YOU KILL HIM YOURSELF?! Huh!!?”


Panel 3:

He looks genuinely terrified. His face is turning red and his hands are grasping at her arm to prevent himself from choking on his shirt. Her looming figure can be seen in the reflection of his eyes, her yellow ones shining back. 


Panel 4: 

She remembers. Being lifted off the ground grasping at the hand holding her by her hair, scalp burning. His glowing yellow eyes.


Panel 5:

She quickly drops him. He wasn’t ready and fell hard on his knees, barely catching himself with his hands. He takes a deep breath.


Panel 6:

She looks distressed. Her features have returned to normal and she’s shaking. 


“I- I’m sorry. I didn’t… Please… Please just leave me alone.”


Panel 7:

He watches her duck through an alley and out of sight illuminated by lamplight. He’s still hunched over the ground. He’s shaking too.


Panel 8: 

His face is still red but now it's contorted into a scowl. How could he let someone harass him like that. The audacity… But he’s more mad at himself for feeling scared and letting it show. He saw his reflection in her eyes, the image of a scared boy looking back at him. He can’t let things like that scare him again. He needs to get better at masking his emotions.


Her face is distraught and colorless. It's all she can do not to cry. How could she lose control like that, and at another person no less? He looked so scared, is that how she had looked? She doesn’t want to be scary. She’s going to have to work harder, do something to better maintain her emotions. 


Panel 9:

“How Embarrassing” (Both are speaking) 


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