Raiju's Talisman Challenge: The Talisman

Published Aug 31, 2022, 8:25:00 AM UTC | Last updated Aug 31, 2022, 8:25:00 AM | Total Chapters 1

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Chapter 1: The Talisman

Raiju's talisman is a pitch black cloak. It's overall length reaches down to his mid-calf. There are not any sleeves on the cloak so he often wraps himself in the cloak completely whenever he doesn’t need to have his arms out. On the back, there are seven Sanskrit symbols that go from his hip all the way to the top of the hood. The symbols are barely visible to the naked eye and each one has their own colour. From bottom to top the colours go red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, purple, and white. However, whenever Raiju wears this cloak, the yellow symbol starts to glow slightly. Raiju has noticed that if he’s trying to hide or doesn’t want to be noticed, the glowing stops and all the symbols seem to disappear completely. He still has plenty of room to place badges on the back of the cloak.

Raiju obtained the cloak one day when he was travelling through a forest. A strange person approached him, wearing a cloak of their so that he couldn’t make out any of their features, and handed him the cloak telling him to stay strong and that things were about to change for him. After he took the cloak, he looked at it but when he went to look back up at the stranger, he had disappeared as quickly as he appeared. Too add to his confusion, he noticed the symbols on the back because he saw the yellow one glowing and seeming to respond to his touch. Despite all this, he put the cloak on and started to walk again.

The symbols on the cloak represent the seven chakras. Each one is placed roughly where they would lie on Raiju’s body seemingly made to for him. The cloak itself stands for the unity within everything and everyone secretly allowing Raiju to be able to ignore the strange treatment he’s received in the past and blend in. The reason behind why the one symbol glows but not the others is because the element of the chakra the symbol represents aligns with his elemental power making the symbol glow whenever he touches the cloak. The cloak is also resistant to damage as it magically heals itself after a certain amount of time. If his cloak gets destroyed, it will reappear to him on the morning after a full moon. It doesn’t protect him from taking damage from magic or physical items or creatures. He doesn’t understand what the symbols mean or why they’re able to disappear at his will or why only the one glows whenever he touches the cloak but maybe one day, he will.

There are many reasons to why he decided to keep the cloak rather than trying to sell it or just leaving it in the forest. When he first touched the cloak, he felt an odd connection towards it as if it was meant for him. Seeing the odd symbols made him curious to what they meant and he wants to go find someone that has seen them before to find an explanation to what they are. The symbols disappearing and the one glowing made him more curious to what they mean only adding to him wanting to keep it more. Another reason he decided to keep it is because of it’s almost magic ability to allow him to be treated normally within towns and villages that used to treat him poorly or ignore him completely. Raiju hopes that one day he’ll find that mysterious stranger again and ask him all the questions he has to hopefully finally understand the mystery behind his favourite cloak.

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