Good night to scavange: Clear night

Published Jun 4, 2022, 8:44:55 AM UTC | Last updated Jun 10, 2022, 2:30:04 AM | Total Chapters 2

Story Summary

Fintan and Aralt both go out to scavenge 

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Chapter 1: Clear night

Fintan a large albino Griph make flew just ahead of a male Corva named Aralt. The two of them flew over the landscape below them scanning the trees and fields below them for anything that might catch their attention. There were many things that might catch their attention, be it something shiny or perhaps a new area they could explore. The two of them for now soared just below the clouds. The clouds were hardly a few puffs in the otherwise clear night sky. Both Stryx being nocturnal this was their favorite time to come out of their nests. Down below herds of animals could be seen grazing or sleeping in large groups. The night was beautiful and every once in a while another Stryx could be seen in the distance. 


Lowering themselves they found an open field where they might spot something they may find interest in. Landing the two of them began poking and looking through the tall grass and peeking through bushes as they searched things. Fintan moved off towards the right as she used his beak to forage through the foliage around him. Carefully he moved through the open field pushing large stones over to inspect the undersides of them before he moved to the edge of the forest to see what he could find there. As he drew closer a rabbit ran into the forest. He watched as the rabbit disappeared into the forest. The animal was far too small for him to have any interest in it.


Continuing forward her once again began to use his beak to forage through the bushes at the forest’s edge hoping perhaps to find something shiny but he would take anything that he could use for his homes such as fur tufts for his nest and bones or horns for decoration. Pushing a few fallen branches behind a large tree. Looking down he founds what looked like a bundle of roots sticking up out of the ground. These he would happily take, picking and cutting them with his beak he placed the root between his feet before he continued to search for anything else that might be nearby.


While Fintan searched at the edge of the forest, Aralt did pretty much the same, using his beak to push through bushes and flip over rocks in search of anything he might be able to take home with him. He was hoping for some food scraps or maybe something shiny or maybe something soft to take home. He too eventually made his way to the edge of the woods happy as he found some old feathers or fur tufts to add to the bedding in his nest. Aralt, had already collected a small pile of a few different things but wanted to bring something pretty home for his ladys. They loved shiny things and he loved to make them happy. 


Continuing to search he jumped as a small lizard jumped out at him before it darted off towards another hiding place. Chuckling to himself at how such a small creature had surprised him he continued to forage. Moving a bit into the forest he pushed over an old fallen log and was pleased to find some worms and bugs under there. He made a quick snack of some of them but added more to his pile before he went back to searching. He was determined to find something pretty to return with. Flipping over a few more rocks he moved a little further into the forest and was pleased to find a stream. Sometimes shiny stones could be found near water. Happily, he hurried over to the shallow stream.


Lowering his head he began pecking through stones on the shore and in the water, his hopes high for a shiny stone or two for his home. His ladys would be sure to love some new decorations as well. After a few more moments of search, he was happy to find a few pieces of quartz as well as a tiger's eye stone. Happy with his fine he turned and headed back towards the clearing where Fintan was waiting for him. Once they both gathered what they had collected they both fly off, agreeing to meet again the next night.  


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