Arenageddon: Much to learn

Published Jun 2, 2022, 9:27:32 PM UTC | Last updated Jun 2, 2022, 9:27:32 PM | Total Chapters 1

Story Summary

This is my first english story ever, so I'm sorry if I did any mistakes. English is not my native language. ^^

It is a fighting scene between my Nymeria and Darkarcangel5's Abbadon for their Arenageddon event.

(Right now Nymeria's name isn't added to her import yet.)

The story has 349 words.


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Chapter 1: Much to learn

Nymeria narrowed her eyes, starring at the stryx in front of her. She could feel the blood running through her veins. The Arenageddon was the first big fighting event she participated in and the competition was tough. Some of them were experienced fighters. But she was eager to succeed. She wanted to be part of these gladiators.

„Come on, little one! You can do it!“, Abbadon called. Nymeria couldn’t see any emotion on his face, so she didn’t know what he was thinking about her. Nevertheless a low growl rumbled through her chest.

Little one. She wasn’t a child anymore. And she wanted to prove that.

Without wasting any more time she pounced, flapped her wings and slashed her claws at Abbadon’s face. His powerful wing crashed in her side and threw her away from him. She managed to land with her feet on the ground, so the impact wasn’t that hard.

Nymeria hissed, angry because of that foolish move. She should have known better. Meanwhile Abbadon just stood on the ground and watched her, waiting for her next attack.

The light brown female sprinted towards him and slightly spread her left wing, as if she wanted to slap him with it. But as soon as she reached him she ducked and sweaped her right wing against his legs. Just like she had hoped, he lost his balance, but at the same time he got her shoulder with his beak. Both stryx fell to the ground.

She slapped her wings and pecked at him. But in a wrestle like this the Harpia was stronger. Soon he manged to grab her neck with his strong talons. If he wished, he could kill her right now.

„Alright! You won,“ Nymeria snapped. She was angry at herself, but she knew when she had lost. There was nothing she could do at this point and her shoulder hurt.

Abbadon nodded and took his claws off her. The brown Corva got back on her feet and starred at the sandy ground, her feathers fluffed up. There was still so much she had to learn.


-> 349 words

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