Wadjet : For Type Studies: First Study -- Psychic

Published Sep 8, 2022, 6:03:17 PM UTC | Last updated Sep 8, 2022, 6:03:17 PM | Total Chapters 1

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Logs of Type Studies for Crater Star of mysteries will be in here.

Character used : Wadjet


This is roleplay done between me and members of the staff of Crater Star of Mystery.

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Chapter 1: First Study -- Psychic

You slither your way in and it seems like one of the Professor's assistants, Claude Linden was essentially just playing with his Lillipup instead of doing actual work. Turning to see you, he stumbles a little before clearing his throat. "Ahem uh.. Yes?" he paused, taking the sheet from you. "Ahh yes yes ok, Meditai Ridge, right... Be careful out there" He started to say, stamping some approval and handing you a heliport ticket. "Be careful out there, most pokemon out there are fairly zen, but it can be kind of dangerous towards the ones who aren't." Getting to the heliport, you slink on to the Psychic Heliport, and travel your way to Meditai Ridge! Before long, the floating and glowing rocks along with little flashes of light in various places - Probably pokemon teleporting about - come into your peripherals. There was admittedly something in the air that made you a bit tense as well. As you're set down, you inevitably decide to send out your little robot, Akila, and there were happy boops, beeps, and hisses of approval once she was able to show herself. You probably needed the protection out here, even if some of the pokemon here seemingly wanted nothing to do with you. You had barely took a few slinks away from the helicopter when you're greeted with a Psychic Pupskey, whose wide, unblinking eyes were.. actually kind of creepy, staring you down as if you owed them something. Did it... want something from you?

- Move away from the creepy looking dog-thing [Pass]
- Reach down and give it a little pet [Catch]

Wadjet hadn't been here for very long, but now that she had somewhat settled, it was time to get to business. Bismuth had recommended to her to get onto type studies to get a first feel for things, without taking too much risks. And if she could get a new teammate along the way, then there was no reason not to try. She followed the instructions her old friend had given to her, until she stumbled into the lab, stating soon enough that she was here to take part in the studies. She remained quiet while the assistant reviewed her papers, a soft smile on her lips when he warned about the place she was about to travel to. " Don't worry about me sweet thing. I'm tougher than I look. " She mused and winked at him, before grabbing her ticket and making her way to the heliport. [...] Meditai Ridge was quite a sight. Glued to the windows, she watched the island grow bigger and bigger as they approached, until they landed. Despite the uncomfortable feeling it brought, she felt also drawn to the place, in a weird way. After sending out Akila, she started to slither away with her metallic companion, before almost bumping into a psychic pup. She didn't quite recognize the species, but she felt quite intrigued by it. Akila's digital eyes shifted to question marks with curiosity. The naga remained still for a second, trying to assess the intentions of the mon, before approaching. It didn't seem hostile, or at least she thought so. She extend a hand toward it, letting out a purr like sound as she spoke. " What a beautiful boy... Does he want some scritches ? "

- catching that pupper >:3
The pup just kept staring at you as you pet them, the expression not too dissimilar to an Espurr, but as you walked away, it appeared to follow. I suppose you passed the vibe check? It seems as if everything else you were trying to approach teleported away at the very sight of you- maybe it's best to head on home since at least something seemed to want to stick by your side?

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