Once Upon a Summer Night Event: Once Upon a Summer Night Event

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For the event, my partner and I decided it appropriate to roleplay it out, figuring it would be a bit more fun for us to enjoy the romantic little scene together, even if our characters aren't quite together... yet.

Blue is AnnoyedClaude, Purple is KitTeaKat

Wordcount: 3583

Levels: 3400 [17 levels] + over 2000 bonus [5 levels] = 22 levels

Coins: 850 + 100 bonus = 950 coins

Rough and Eric's pokemon gain +11 levels and 475 coins each!

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Chapter 1: Once Upon a Summer Night Event

Night falls, and Rough finds himself jumping to the ground out in the Fairy section of the region, Moonstone Pass, where pink grass and bright fairy lights shine up the night sky. "Been a hot minute since I've been here." The trainer mentioned, with a flying Malamar, Cirro, following behind him and landing safely on the ground. It seems as if he's about to share his own thoughts before stopping, staring off, then flying off once more, swimming through the air as if it was water. "aaaaand he's gone... alright..." Rough muttered, rolling his eyes before sending out his Steel Dreepy, Darts. "Alright little dude, guess you're here with me in case any of the fairies get hostile but.. well, kinda doubt it. While everyone is focused on that meteor shower, we're gonna go get a glimpse at the Novas and Voids again. our last encounter ended up kinda..." He stops, shaking his head and holding it in pain, while his dreepy carefully floats and lifts his head back up before giving a nod in understanding, having been there with him during the whole ordeal. "ugh fuck. trying to remember always hurts... whatever that weird legendary spider thing did, fucked with our head hard... I just want answers." 

Meanwhile, the flying Malamar happened to float over to wherever Eric may happen to be, giving a happy noise. Landing near him, it brushed his beak up against him, tugging at his hair. "Mal?" It chirped, poking at him with his tentacles, as if inspecting him.


With the greenhouse having been finished, he slowly began the actual process of planting the various plants from all over the region, getting the nursery all set up and ready to start accepting Pokémon. There were many plants and trees he had to order, that would take time to arrive. Plants from the Alola region were going to take the longest because obviously, it was an island.

When the announcement about the rare light show of space rocks falling from the heavens reached him, he had been sunbathing by a lake with his companions, when his Purrloin found an egg. The most beautiful thing he had ever seen. So now, he was sitting on a very secluded hill, where plenty of grass-type Pokémon called home, holding onto this precious egg while his companions played around with the wild Pokémon.

As the sky darkened, his bioluminescent markings began to increase their glow as he watches the Pokémon play, waiting for this astronomical event to start. He was absent-mindedly stroking the egg when he felt something brush against him, and then begin to tug his hair. When he turned to look at what it was, he was surprised to see a Pokémon he had never seen before, this made him smile and he lets the creature inspect him. Dia and Pisces both kept a lingering eye on the Malamar, but didn't react until there was hostility.

"Hello there!" Eric says softly, "I've never met one of your kind before. You're beautiful!"


The Malamar looked him over some more, lifting the tail and putting it down, then giving a nod to himself. He made up his mind. Looking over at the two smaller Pokemon, it quickly moved one of its long tentacles, causing a gust to blow the two of them away, before suddenly latching all his tentacles on the man and flying off with him, seemingly giving a laugh as he did, and brushing off any attacks flung at him by the others.

Rough back in Moonstone Pass gave a loud groan, sitting on the grass for a breather. "Ugh... You know, Darts, REALLY starting to hate the fact that I only have two pokemon that can even remotely carry me, with one always fucking off somewhere and the other is afraid of its own shadow..." He vented, the dreepy giving a nod, looking at itself before sighing. "yeah yeah I know Lil dude, when you're bigger you'll be able to have that kind of strength at least. just takes your species a while, don't stress." He gave a pet to his head before looking up and noticing something glowing heading towards the earth. "Oh shit it's already starting, we should get- wait. that's not...." He paused, Darts trying to pull him away before giving up and racing off. Rough paid him no mind, staring up before realizing that it was actually a glowing creature. "Oh shit is tha- OH ARCE-"

Eric was literally thrown at Rough by Cirro rather unceremoniously, landing on the ground after them with an egg sitting securely within its head tentacles, moving the egg down safely and holding it for the two of them, making little happy noises as he did. He may be a Pokemon but he wasn't a MONSTER.


Eric didn't realize what was going on until it was too late, he was suddenly flying through the air, his two companions thrown away, and the egg removed from his hands. At first, he was calm, however, his friends having been attacked did not exactly make him happy and he was squirming and making many vocal complaints. 

The creature looked around, as if he was going to find a solution to his predicament. He had no idea what could help him, so, unfortunately, he had to just huff in confusion as he was carried away. They were not flying long before he was let go and he began to fall, crying out and closing his eyes tight waiting for the impact. 

BAM! The glowing male landed on something squishy that spoke very briefly. He shakes his head, snatching the egg from the Pokémons' appendage, hugging it tightly. His two other Pokémon were not far behind, however, his very spicy Vanillite, Cinnamon, was smart, hiding in one of those many leg pockets and he leaps out, spitting fire at the Malamar.


"Ugh, my head..." Groaned Rough, getting to his feet slowly as he tried to understand what was happening. Looking around, he squinted before the little cyborg glasses he had flicked on, giving him his vision. "OH. Cirro what the hell is wrong with you!" He asked, watching his flying squid get a few of his tentacles on fire, crying out as he tried to put out the flames. "Yeah, asshole you kinda deserve that! Leaving me out here to get to the other side of the mountain on my own, kidnapping some random ass dude AGAIN, and DROPPING him from the sky?! ONTO ME?!" He scolds, the Malamar finally managing to put the flames out before looking back at Rough with cute lillipup eyes, resting his tentacles on Rough's shoulders before nuzzling up to him, muttering something illegible to Eric and the pokemon. 

Rough flushed a bit at whatever he said, lifting him by one of the head tentacles to look him eye to eye. "I TOLD you I don't need help with that! I get by fine on my own just...." 

He groaned, pinching the bridge of his nose before looking back to the "stranger" 

"I'm so, so sorry about him, I don't know what gets him like this." He half-lied, rubbing the back of his neck. "You're the dude with the like.. greenhouse n stuff, right? I don't remember names well, sorry, and I don't remember if I introduced myself... however long ago that was, but I'm Rough." The trainer explained, looking over to Cinnamon and pausing, pulling out a Razz Berry from his bag and handing the little ice cream one. "thank you, you probably did a better job punishing him than I would."


"I assure you, it's quite alright. I'm sure they had their reason for bringing me to you. I was just worried about the egg." Eric says, holding the egg gently. "Yes! That's me. My name is Eric, nice to formally meet you, again thank you and your companions for their help completing the work!" Eric watches as his Vanillite eats the Berry happily, his crystals light up, sparking to show this affection, even if you couldn't tell from his face.

From behind him, he hears the cries of his companions and turns around, seeing them in the distance speeding their way towards them. He was waving in the air, so they could see him, even though he was glowing they could find him easily. Upon arriving, his Carbink flares up, those gems that normally are in their respective spaces were floating around her, the psychic energy distorting the air around her.

"Dia, it's okay. I'm not hurt, this companion is with Rough here, I believe he is a trainer!" Eric pleads, waiting for Dia to un-arm herself. When the Carbink turns around, she gently takes the egg from Eric using psychic and moves to where Vanillite and Purrloin were politely sitting.


Rough sighed, “yeah, yeah suppose uh, suppose so.” He said, a bit of a growl under his breath as he shook his head. “I’m still sorry this whole… thing happened.” He mentioned, looking back up to the mountain and then to Darts, then to Cirro. “Alright. Ok. We can try again with the plan at a different time, I’ll bite just this once. But I swear if you do this again,” he grabs the Malamar’s beak, holding it in his fist, “we’re having calamari. Do you understand me?” He asked, to which the normally disobedient squid nodded in his grip. 


Clapping his hands once, Rough looked back over to Eric. “Well, I suppose we should get you back to wherever you were before all of… this. I imagine you and your group here wanted to watch the meteor shower right? I don’t know if we can get back in time but I’m sure we can give it a shot, or find a better place to watch it in the meantime?” He questioned, walking over to the new Pokémon in question. 

“Well, I remember you, Dia, pretty simple name to remember. And you’re new to me..” he bent down and picked up the little purloin, petting him. “If I heard right through the Carbink’s panicked sparkle noises, you must be Pisces?” He questioned, looking back to Eric. “Figure I may as well carry him so he doesn’t have to go about running more, unless you’d rather carry him.”


"No need to keep apologizing, it was not your fault nor was it, so bad. I'm all in one piece, our companions are too. Obviously, your Cirro didn't want us to be alone. It looks like we were both avoiding other people." Eric listens to the conversation his tail flicking to the side, "Looks like I interrupted your plans. For that, I'm sorry." 

The nursery owner watches Rough interact with his companions, causing him to smile happily as he feels his Vanillite settle on his head, watching what was going on, waiting himself for them to set off, "Oh, this is Cinnamon. My little spicy friend. Please! Of course you can carry him, he loves attention." Dia hovers next to Eric where the glowing male took it from the Carbink, carrying it himself, "I don't mind finding a new space."


“I.. suppose so, and for the plan things, it’s fine, probably would’ve gotten my ass killed somehow anyway.” Rough shrugged, petting the water type. “And yeah I kinda overheard their name as well, but nice to meet them anyway, even if they aren’t exactly as happy to meet us. At least they got a berry out of the deal.” The trainer mentioned as he started to walk. “Well, we may as well get out of these cherry blossoms and out more towards the open field. If we’re lucky maybe some fairy volbeat and illumise might be lighting up the sky with the stars.” His Pokémon followed behind him, Darts floating alongside Dia, and with Cirro willingly tapping his own Pokeball and hiding away from everyone for now, feeling a bit ashamed this time for his troublemaking.


"Yes, I heard this is supposed to be a beautiful spectacle!" Eric moves out of the area of the cherry blossoms, Cinnamon sitting on his shoulder as he made his way to the open field that Rough mentioned, looking up, it seemed like the sky show hadn't started just yet, there was still a little sunlight on the horizon. 


The male made his way to a very open spot, sitting on the lush grass still hugging the egg to his chest. Cinnamon hops down and joins his other Pokémon as they arrived, picking a spot around Eric to settle themselves.


Rough gave a content sigh when the others seemingly found a good spot, following after and plopping down next to him, with his dreepy casually curling upon his head. “Well, at least we still made it, even if it was a bit of a roundabout way for you.”

There was a momentary silence before he looked over and asked. “So, you from this region, or are you a wandering trainer like me?”


"I don't mind the detour. It was an experience that's for sure." Eric chuckles shaking his head from the shenanigans of Roughs Pokémon. His chuckle faded, leaving them in silence as he watches the sky until he hears the question. The male allows the question to linger in the air as he chews on it for a moment before answering, "I'm not a trainer and I haven't wandered too far from here, no. I grew up here, and the idea to leave… never occurred to me. So, if you're traveling, how far away is your home from here?"


"Oh, you're not a trainer? but uh..." He looked him over again and realized there were no pokeballs, at least not from the looks of things. Guess the pokemon are just friends or family of his then? "eh never mind, valid enough."

Not dwelling on it further, he instead moved to the next point. "Uh, my home?" he paused, biting his tongue for a moment before thinking more thoroughly about what he meant and nodding. "Well, not very far at all if you ask me." He replied, his Dreepy giving a coo and nuzzling up to him. "I mean... ok, TECHNICALLY I have multiple homes, different ranches, and whatnot in various regions that are fairly self-sustaining thanks to my pokemon hanging out around there keeping the funds up. But my home is.. just.. wherever my pokemon are, really." Rough explained, giving a pet to Darts's head. "So, home is just wherever I put up my feet for the night."


Ranches? Multiple homes? Pokémon making money? He was very confused. Though, the ranch sounded like what he had planned for the greenhouse, so that was kind of cool. He wondered if Roughs Pokémon were free or bound to Pokéballs. Eric took note of Roughs Pokémon and could see they were very happy. This causes the blue male to hug the egg in his arms a little tighter, "I don't know what I would do without my friends."


Rough gave a bit of a snort, thinking to himself how he basically sounded almost like some little kid who just got his first few pokemon before shrugging, "Yeah, same." He mentioned with a smile, giving a bit of a laugh and lying back to stare up. It was almost cute, in a way, how naïve this strange creature was. He looked to be maybe about his age, give or take a few years, but otherwise, he just seemed.... so innocent. It was basically like he was talking to a pokemon that learned English. 

He paused for a moment as an intrusive thought told him to try to catch him in a Pokeball, but his common sense told him, No, Rough, that's rude. 

The trainer looked over at him. "You think it's gonna take much longer?"


Almost as if on cue, his bioluminescence stops being so bright as the first meteors begin to light up the night sky. Eric looks up as they begin to fall, having seen this for the first time in his life. It was a spectacle to behold. He was so enraptured by it that he almost didn't feel the egg in his arms begin to get active. It would be hatching very soon.


Rough gave a content sigh, stretching out on the grass as he watched the stars soar by, "Damn, you know, I know this isn't the first time I've seen a meteor shower in the region, but it's still beautiful every time." He explained, a couple of his pokemon popping out of their pokeballs to rest with them and stare up. Looking over to Eric, he gave a laugh, seeing the expression on his face. "Clearly you don't either. Didn't you say you were raised here? I'm surprised you're not sick of 'em by now."


The professor's voice was in the back of his mind, warning him about telling people too much about him. He had only been recently released from the labs. He wasn't exactly human, he shakes his head, his voice a very quiet one, almost worried his voice would disturb the magnificence, "Oh no. To know that we are not the only planet in a great big universe, excites me more than anything."


He gave a nod. "That's fair, honestly." He mentioned, his own voice quiet to match his, sitting back up. "I do sometimes wonder what's beyond there... I mean sure we have pokemon like Clefairy and Deoxys and such that came from space, and uh... there is Palkia who literally controls space... or, wait, is Palkia more the master of space in the physical sense like... something taking up actual space? I guess I never thought to ask..." Be muttered a bit to himself before shaking his head, "Anywho, I just wonder what other kinds of pokemon exist out there. It seems our planet doesn't have the only ones..."

He looked over to Eric and realized, oh, he was rambling, and shut up, just staring up at the meteor shower with him.


Rough might have been rambling, that just reminded him so much of the Professor, just like he did with them, he hung onto every word Rough said, using the meteor shower as a way to remember this moment. Eric finally looks down when something was poking his chest to see Cinnamon trying to get his attention. As he looked, he saw a foot sticking out of the Pokémon egg, "Well, I'll be. Happy day of your birth, little one. The sky welcomes you."


Hearing what he said, the trainer looked over. "Oh! Your egg is hatching. Guess they decided that they wanted to see the meteor shower too" He chuckled. One of his pokemon, his fairy Oddish named Forget-Me-Not, waddled over, seemingly waiting a moment before smacking the front of the egg with their thick, vine-like appendages and creating a massive crack in the front.
    "OH!" Rough seemed shocked, pulling his oddish away, "I'm sorry i.. that's not like her." He explained, picking her up and moving her aside, all the while she gave a huff, shouting protests. 

'I'm just trying to help! Sometimes oddish have trouble breaking out of shells with just our feets and the just-budding sprouts! Go on, tell him!!' Forget-me-not shouts in her poke-language. Rough held her on his lap, petting her and muttering through a harsh whisper, "well we still don't want to scare the man no matter your traditions."


Eric gasps after the oddish known as Forget-Me-Not finishes saying what it said and quickly without hesitation, began breaking the egg himself, being very careful not to harm the oddish inside. Pulling chunks of it away from the struggling oddish inside, how could he have forgotten?! The oddish that raised him, they all would gather around the eggs during hatching season and break them open, because they have a hard time getting out on their own. 

With most of the egg gone, he holds the other half of the shell, with a very beautiful, purple oddish that had a bushel of little sprouts atop its head. This oddish smelled like lavender and her little eyes began to open, only for her to look past Eric at the sky and the beautiful spectacle. 

Eric smiles over at the pink oddish, "Thank you, I had forgotten they struggle to emerge on their own."


Rough seemed a little surprised that Eric proceeded to break open more of the shell himself, looking between Forget-Me-Not, the egg, and Eric before shrugging. 

'Told you so. Bitch.' The oddish remarked, sticking out her tongue, only to earn a growl from Rough. "Watch your tongue. Don't want the little one repeating you," The trainer scolded, not even realizing he spoke a bit louder to his pokemon than he usually did around others. 

"Seems like the little one is at least safe anyhow... That's good. and it's good that they get to watch this." He stated, lying back again and staring straight up at the sky with everyone else once more. "Can't imagine better timing honestly."


Eric stares at Rough and his oddish and smiles, he never met anyone else that could understand and communicate with Pokémon like him, and that was something they needed to talk about, but later. For now, he gently picks up the newly hatched oddish, holding it so that they could continue to watch the sky while he himself looks up and continues to watch the colorful display. It was an amazing evening to be sure and he would never forget it.

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