A Song for Winter: William Wintersong-Drackonas

Chapter 1: William Wintersong-Drackonas

Character Name: William  Wintersong-Drackonas
Character Age: 21
Character Species: Arctic Folf (anthro)
Fur color: Light grey and white
Eye color: Emerald green
    William was born in the middle of the harshest blizzard the snow lands had ever seen. His birth officially united the fox ice witches of Clan Wintersong with the barbarian warrior wolves of Clan Drackonas. As one born of both clans William displayed magical talents as well as aggressive combat prowess with swords and axes. The united clans were attacked one evening by rival clans from the south. William fought valiantly alongside his clanmates and victory looked certain till the demon appeared. The tide of battle shifted immediately. By morning William, barely clinging to life, became the last survivor of Clan Wintersong-Drackonas.

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