Songs of Reamere | Nacht: Chapter 3

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Follow Nacht's journey as she travels through the Songs of Reamere event!

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Chapter 3: Chapter 3

It had been most disappointing for Nacht that the mighty sea monster they had fought was so easy to strike with the harpoon and was even more upset that they were forced to be dragged around the icy water for several days on end. Personally, she could have cared less about what this sea serpent was doing and where it was heading, but with much pleading from her curious companion, Trysta, she had relented. Watching the large icebergs become denser and larger as they travelled was the only real form of entertainment, until the inevitable happened, of course.  


Nacht is absolutely disgusted when she ends up thrown over the edge of the boat and into the water. It’s freezing for a bird lacking feathers, and so when she finally reaches the shore, she’s quick to light every piece of wood she can find, huddling around the flames and shivering violently. She almost doesn’t notice when Trysta and the ship’s Captain eventually drag their sorry selves over to sit next to her. The captain sets to making another fire for himself and Trysta while Nacht gathers up the embers of her own fire, settling down upon them like a heated bed.  


The human and her companion speak to one another in sad, hushed tones. They’re both clearly upset about losing the ship and several of the humans that had been aboard. Not only are they trapped here in this icy wasteland, but they’ve also lost track of the huge sea serpent they had been so determined to track down. Nacht is hardly concerned, scratching at the side of her head with one of her hind legs. Perhaps this will be the sign the two of them need to give up on this venture and simply return home (or at least to somewhere a little sunnier).  


Unfortunately, once the flames from the fire have died down and their small group have sufficiently died off, Trysta approaches Nacht with their new plan.  


According to the captain, there is a village deeper into the Reamere – the most likely place for the rest of the crew to have ended up if they managed to survive the wreckage of the ship – and the best place to regroup and prepare their next steps. “We need to find out how many people survived, and we need to know if any of them want to continue the journey or turn back,” Trysta tries to explain to the stubborn bird.  


Nacht hisses, her neck feathers standing up in displeasure. She doesn’t want them to continue their journey, not matter how “personal” this fight has now become for the captain. If it were up to her, Nacht would have already started the journey back, dragging her handler kicking and screaming if need be. She snaps her beak in her friend’s direction, ensuring to make her point made by also swishing her spikey tail dangerously back and forth.  


“Oh c’mon, Nacht, where’s your sense of adventure?” Trysta asks, clambering aboard the large bird and settling into her saddle.  


Nacht just snaps her beak again with a huff. Sense of adventure? She’s pretty sure she never once mentioned having that. The only reason Nacht was willing to join them was for the potential chance at getting into a fight with a beast of the deep and proving that she is the mightier of the two. 


“Let’s just get to the town, ‘kay? We can have a nice, warm meal and you can get rested up. Perhaps we can even find a ship for you if you really don’t want to get your revenge on that snake.” Trysta does make a few valid points, Nacht supposes. She’s been dying for something warm to eat and a good nap would do wonders for her terrible mood. Revenge would also be just as satisfying as a nice meal, however, and no one should be allowed to get away with making her look so terribly undignified, especially in front of a bunch of pathetic humans.  


She finds the suggestion acceptable and, reluctantly, allows the human captain to join Trysta upon her back. Normally Nacht would never let a human ride her, she’s not some dumb horse, but she supposes it’ll be much easier than making the captain walk. It’s a shame they can’t just get the directions from him and then eat him, but she gets the feeling Trysta would not approve of that course of action. Silly morals. Who has time for that? 


Nacht leaps into the air, needing several large beats of her slightly damp wings to get them completely clear of the ground below. The captain is startled by the sudden action, letting out a sharp gasp, much to Nacht’s amusement. It’s a little difficult with how heavy she is and the cold, damp conditions holding her back, but she manages to make it above the clouds so they can have a clear view of the stars above.  


She watches as brilliant lights ignite above them, swirling purples and blues and greens. She’s not sure what causes it, perhaps one of the Gods is pleased by their valiant journey and is giving them a sign to continue. Regardless, it’s a nice distraction as she pushes forward and deeper into the icy landscape.  


Nacht has only seen the lights a handful of times before, but every time is just as interesting as the last. The movement of the colours seem to almost be alive, and as a result she can’t help being reminded of her mate, Althorian. He was blessed by Galyx to have a body covered in gorgeous purples and blues that shift with every twitch of his feathers. The two of them are a force to be reckoned with (even if Althorian is a little soft for a wild Dracostryx), and the lights above them give Nacht strength. It’s as though her partner is here with her, even if it’s not his physical presence.  


Althorian would remind her to go easy on the humans, they’re merely simple little animals that need a guiding wing from time to time.  


Nacht huffs to herself again, resigned to continuing on this foolhardy journey. At least she’ll have an interesting story to tell to her mate when they reunite once more.  

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