Songs of Reamere | Nacht: Chapter 1

Published Apr 15, 2022, 10:04:24 PM UTC | Last updated May 27, 2022, 12:15:49 PM | Total Chapters 4

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Follow Nacht's journey as she travels through the Songs of Reamere event!

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Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Nacht has finally reached the Eastern Coast. It has been a treacherous journey from the West, across sparce deserts and ancient forests from before Dracostryx were even a concept in the universe’s mind. Normally she would never travel so far from her scorching homeland, preferring to enjoy the way the sunshine warms her skin and cruise the open skies high above her head. But the coastline is completely different to where she normally lives, with its icy wind that cuts through the thin layer of feathers that protect the base of her neck and shoulders, and the stench of seawater and fish.  


“Don’t worry big girl, it’s only until we’ve gathered our supplies and casted off from the shore,” Trysta, the young woman companion of Nacht says, offering a soothing pet to the side of the Gryph, “just try to grin and bear it for the time being, yeah?” 


With a petty grumble and an overdramatic rolling of her eyes, Nacht stomps down the narrow pathway that leads from the trees and toward the large dock perched upon the ocean. It almost looks like she’s reached the very edge of the world, with a deep blue mass stretching out as far as her powerful eyes can see, until it touches the lighter blue shade of the sky on the horizon. Never has she seen as much water as what currently stretches out before her, reflecting the light of the sun back into her crimson eyes and making the waves seem as though they are glowing. 


The sleepy little town is only just waking up, fishing vessels cruising out across the water and stores throwing open their doors to welcome the masses that have migrated down from Sol. Nacht looks it all over with disgust. She hates places filled with humans and Dracostryx – it's far too cramped to be pleasant at all for such an immense creature such as herself, and she can’t stand having to be civil with the pathetic, simpleminded creatures that humans are – it's going to be a battle just to get through the crowds without accidentally squashing someone or knocking something over. 


Another pet from the rider sitting upon her saddle causes Nacht to realize she’s zoned out, brooding like a grumpy hen. With a full-body huff Nacht starts the trek down from the tree line and toward the large gates that usher newcomers inside. She is only just able to squeeze herself under the wooden structure and into the narrow little streets. They were built years ago and as a result are narrow little corridors designed only for humanoids and not for their feathered companions. Such poor planning on the part of the humans. Regardless, she pushes onward, stepping over a couple of children here and some fragile crates stacked there. 


“You think we’ll find what’s been destroying all of those ships, Nacht?” Trysta asks as her Gryph continues through the crowd – though the people are all quick to try and dart out of the way of the massive creature stomping through their midst – and without waiting for the bird to respond, she continues, “I know you adore a good battle, it’s why we’re so good together. I reckon we’d get a nice trophy to bring back to the tribe if we down such a massive creature.” 


Nacht makes a noncommittal noise, not entirely convinced that there’s such a thing as a ‘sea monster’. Everyone knows that Gryphs are the largest predators out there. The thought of something potentially being stronger than her? Preposterous. She’s far too strong for this so-called monster to defeat, but even so, the chance to once again prove her skills is always appreciated. And if this animal provides a decent challenge, then that’s just all the better for her reputation. 


“We’d also get quite the reward from these sailors if we provide them with safe passage to the East,” Trysta grins easily, showing off her sharp teeth to her companion. 


Nacht just stares blankly back at her humanoid friend, less than concerned with what riches these little people might shower them with. She wants to find this monster for the thrill of battle, the feeling of adrenaline pumping through her veins and flames spewing from her beak. She is, however, wise enough to understand that the tribe of humanoids that Trysta belongs to have very little, and the gold and treasure that these humans might afford them could do wonders for the hungry people of their homeland. 


The tribe has already outfitted the two of them – the mightiest hunters and warriors of their tribe – with their best armor, weapons and bags of supplies. Most of it is to protect their future leader, Trysta, as Nacht is not technically of their tribe, but there is still plenty to keep their leader’s steed safe should battle befall them. 


Nacht is owned by no one, something that Trysta and her people respect. Trysta rides astride her at Nacht’s permission – they are equals in this relationship, for Nacht is no simple Dracostryx just as Trysta is no simple human – a bond built on mutual understanding and respect is what they have forged after many years of working together, and while Trysta may occasionally ride other birds, Nacht will always be her one true friend and companion. 


“There! Let’s check out that stall before we head out to sea!” Trysta shouts, batting against the side of Nacht’s neck to gain the large bird’s attention. 


Nacht had wanted to find a few snacks for the trip – just looking at how far she’s going to have to carry them against the full force of the ocean breeze has her already grumpy disposition worsening – something nice to eat will be essential if Trysta hopes to keep all of her limbs by the time they find their foe. She snuffles about in the large stall, knocking over items this way and that with her huge beak. Her head alone is larger than the entire shop itself, so it’s a little difficult for Nacht to find what she’s looking for. 


Trysta is cringing badly at the mess that Nacht is making, already attempting to apologize and pacify the irritated stall owner, but the Gryph could care less about how much extra work she’s creating for the poor man who owns the items. 


Eventually, much to Trysta’s relief, Nacht settles on a small crate of fruits, poking at them with the tip of her beak to signal to her rider. They exchange coins and within moments Trysta is tethering the crate to the back of Nacht’s saddle. It’ll only be enough for a small snack in addition to the rest of their meals, but Nacht knows she’s worth every penny spent on her. 


With that in mind, Nacht stomps over to another small stall, taking out several stacks of other supplies with her spikey tail as she goes. The other stalls all seem to have interesting foods too... what are a few more? 

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