Cold Steel: Iron Wing (Shira Hillock) ~ time to go

Published Feb 12, 2022, 2:32:42 AM UTC | Last updated Feb 12, 2022, 2:45:52 AM | Total Chapters 2

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The Metal Realm in the world of Panthera has been known to contain the souls of those who have passed on and have been reanimated as Metallized walking corpses in time for judgement and resurrection. Each of their stories are casted and told, with each narrating their lives and watching as they end.

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Chapter 2: Iron Wing (Shira Hillock) ~ time to go

Iron Wing


I am a Dragoness of a few words - especially when it came to public speeches during my time as the world's leading Scientist and public figure of an organization that was ran by Queen Lima herself. I never spoke, especially when I've been spoken to, and I have a few serious moments when I need to let it out sometimes. Unfortunately someone my age shouldn't dwell too much on what may or may not happen, because at that point it'll kill me faster. I've already been thinking about it now as I can already see them writing an inaccurate biography about me in some sort of book or a picture book of some sorts like they always did.

All they'll really see is a more strict side of me, thinking I'm some mean old Dragon lady who likes to breathe fire on anyone who disobeys her. Heh. Funny. That's how my subordinates see it along with my superiors, as they all suggest I take a long break from my research and "take a breather." What numbskulls. Don't know how the Queen puts up with that.


At this time I was inside my Penthouse, the best type of house I could ever really buy what with the amount of money I make in a single month researching and handing over my ideas and voice to the Queen. She pays a really good penny for a hard-working Dragon girl like me, no doubt. I had been lying comfortably in my bed as I had been up all night trying to decode and isolate the chromosomes of a Caterbeetle and a Toriporu with the only company for me being twelve cups of coffee and some melatonin when I finally finished.

It went all according to plan as I had been able to fall asleep with no difficulty getting up in the morning, albeit my age. Was I an old fart? Yes, most likely. I was also very energetic with my wings too as I had been exercising them as required by my doctor. The fact that I enjoyed sleeping was the best attribute a Dragon like me could have, especially if you spend your time all day thinking about what kind of dreams you're going to have or what kind of pillow you'll use. 

For us Dragons, it was everything at once; we choose a specific pillow, we predict our dreams with the use of a machine, and we go right to sleep as we dose off and fold our wings in for the night, washing away all the worry we have of our day. Fortunately for me, my worries never leave. 

Inside my brain, I'm awake thinking about my research and the reactions the public will give when I speak them out loud, especially after what happened last time. For as long as I can remember, the Critical Species Theory has been a very controversial pennacle of my career as a researcher and scholar amongst the Panthers people, causing most to think I'm a human supporter or a domestic terrorist. As a result, there were some who would throw bricks at my windows and set fires to my flowers in an attempt to burn my house down, but none had worked so far. 

It all went like this for a very long time until Queen Loma intervened by charging everyone who vandalized my house with a $600 fine and 20 years in federal prison. All hail the Queen and glory to her children! 

Anyway, as I lay there in bed with a dreamcatcher in hand and a small melatonin capsule in the other, I threw that little sucker into my mouth and swallowed it, the tiny pill making its way down my esophagus and into my stomach. A satisfied smile widening across my long muzzle I dug my head deeper into the pillows and let out one ferocious yawn as I purred happily. 


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