Cold Steel: Metal Realm ~ an introduction

Published Feb 12, 2022, 2:32:42 AM UTC | Last updated Feb 12, 2022, 2:45:52 AM | Total Chapters 2

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The Metal Realm in the world of Panthera has been known to contain the souls of those who have passed on and have been reanimated as Metallized walking corpses in time for judgement and resurrection. Each of their stories are casted and told, with each narrating their lives and watching as they end.

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Chapter 1: Metal Realm ~ an introduction

A/N ~ this is my first story on Paperdemon so far.

The dark grey sky that had been painted across this dark, desolate Realm had become home to the first ever Metal Pantheran who had once lived his life to the fullest of conducting his ravenous experiments to try and convert a dead person's forever sleeping corpse into a resurrected metal version of themselves. The air, a cold and crisp breeze, swiftly blew its way into his direction as he sat on the throne made up of molten steel and turned into such. The head overpowering the height of his own body, Iron Father eerily lifted his long leg and draped it over the other in mock boredom.

Iron Father was a tall, slender figure who happened to look as if he hadn't eaten in months - years even. Having reptilian characteristics he kept his wolfishly long snout and a sharp set of silvery lion fangs, opening him jaws and exposing their glimmering surfaces to the empty lair of the Metal Graveyard. Like most reptilian Pantherans, he had a long, thick tail that had sharp fur that extended down to the tip. Beside him on his throne was his wife, Mercury Mother, who also took part in his experiment before having fallen I'll to an unknown virus.

With her past and family life unknown, Mercury Mother didn't mind it one bit as this had been proven to be a good opportunity to see her darling husband again after succumbing to the disease. Mercury took the appearance of a gnarly Vulpine Pantheran who was simply biding her time waiting. Her side split dress had extended all the way down to her legs and foot paws that were occupied by crystallized high heels.

Her bushy Fox tail snuggly pushed into the back of her throne's seat, Mercury Mother had let it dangle loose for only a few seconds for it to have some air. Darting her eyes over to her husband, she sighed and rose from her seat beside him, only to be gently ushered to sit back down.

With a deep sigh, she finally spoke after moments of silence. "Has it ever occured to both of us of what this Realm could've been without the other lost souls?" She asked, her voice as sweet as honey.

"From the sacred pond of the damned and forgotten to the high Heavens of the redeemable, what else is there to know of our world?" Iron Father replied, his floppy rabbit ears twitching. "Our realm, our children... They all have secrets and stories to share, each and everyone of them. We've no time to ogle at what is hidden than to read it out."

With a prideful stroke, Iron rose from his throne in a similar fashion to a king and slowly motioned towards a bookshelf that so happened to be conveniently placed beside a dead metallic Tree. He skimmed the shelves for what he was looking for and stopped when he found a large silver book that happened to have golden pages within it.

Taking it out gently, the Metal king used his flying ability to hover over back to his throne and opened it up, the pages revealing and flashing the names of every individual who had found themselves inside this particular place. The book of those who have met an untimely end, which is what Mercury Mother calls the check-in list. Iron Father read the names off carefully and quietly as to not disturb the Metal children currently resting in their burial places with Mercury Mother listening closely.

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  • May 16, 2022, 3:10:52 AM UTC
    I like your worldbuilding, and hope to see more of your work in the future! Big Smile