Hi! My name is Katie but I’m better known as ‘themusicdied’. I’m an artist who specializes in anime and manga art styles. I’ve been working on my goal of being a published manga artist since I was 11 years old. For several years I worked completely in traditional mediums. I worked in watercolors, colored pencils, paints, pastels, chalks and a series of other sculpting materials. I tried to expose myself to every form of art from wood staining to body art to the classics of freelance painting. I believe all forms of art are worth the time to explore and still try to learn about every type and form that I can.

Around 14 or 15 I decided to start trying out some digital art. It has originally been my focus to stay mostly in traditional but as things go, manga art is made using a considerable amount of digital assistance now. So, I began to get my degree in digital design. I’m still working on that degree but I’m also still working on my traditional work as well. I believe it’s important to know as much as is possible because know it or not, one day, it will come in useful.

Please, feel free to ask me anything about my art or how I do it. I’m always willing to try to help if it’s a matter of art. Also, if you’d like a tutorial on anything I do, please, don’t be afraid to ask. Art is my passion in life and if I could assist you in something I’ve already worked on, I’d love to.

I’m on many, many sites all with the same username of ‘themusicdied’. I don’t have the same art on all of the different sites and on some there’s pieces I’ve done that’s nowhere else. So, if you ever find a new art site, look me up! I’m probably there. But, if not, please, let me know what site it is and I’ll join right away!

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  • Cover for ~Falling Snow~

    ~Falling Snow~

    I havn't got one clue for how I came up with this. I just wrote it down out of no place. It's not winter, it's 97o. It was during the day, I've never been dumped in my life, and I was feeding my rabbits. How this just flowed into my mind... I got NO idea. I don't think it makes sence either... feel free to tell me any ideas you have. I don't do this stuff most of the time... ^_^

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