Hi to everyone, many thanks for passing by my gallery here on Paper Demon.

I love to draw pretty ladies, in traditional pencil on paper, sometimes portrait and sometimes nude or partial nude.

I also like to draw bizzare faces, or monsters or maybe sci-fi related, apart from pinup my other favourite genre is surrealist.

I mostly use color pencils on Bristol Smooth board, but also work in graphite and on smooth cartridge paper.

I like to occasionally mix things up by incorporating markers, or ink, plus I love re-working my traditional art in photoshop to see what additional dimensions can be created.

My style is a hybrid between realistic with comic overtones (if that makes sense ! ) but I guess you can see what I mean when you check out my work.

I have been drawing on and off for many years, I tend to go through spells where I am very productive, and then not so for a while.

I am a very keen coffee fan drinker, and can not think of anything I would rather do than have a coffee, listen to some great music, while working on a drawing.

I thank you for perusing my artwork and really hope you see something you like, do not be shy about sending me a comment - I always answer comments back.

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