• In the moment 9.1.16

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    Happy September everyone!

    I want to start this journal by saying I'm offically back to all my accounts, even Diveantart, and my DA journal you can disregard I've decided its not fair to anyone that you'd only get some of my artwork and not others so All artwork is on the table personal or not. Same with journal posts while I still won't go into offline personal things if it pertains to my artwork or projects then its not off limits.

    Project plush: I've recently been working on a doll of one of my new Gemsona's I've been untangling yarn and brushing it out for a week and its been a very soothing and zen experience, However for the first half of September I'm taking a break to get back into my artwork and get posting.

    Artwork: I have two months worth of art to post that's 43 pictures and I want to make that clear that is TWO MONTHS worth of artwork so while I'm posting it now it in no way reflects how I am now that goes with vent art and everything.  if all goes well and I get it all posted with in two days I should be on a better posting schedual asap

    Project DEL RED Chronicals: My DA friend mikitheaussie /:iconmikitheaussie: got me into this online pet site called "Chicken smoothie" (see link at bottom of journal) and since then I wanted to make a whole story and world cenered around some of the more unquie and colorful pets I've gotten. Due to RL I was unable to really start it but I hope to remiedy that this month

    Project Gemsona: I've made more Gemsona's and a story world around them which like DEL RED I hope to get working on this month

    Projects and artwork will pend on offline activitys such as reading, and TV shows watched


    I also have something serious, personal, but very much important to share with you all. After Three years and eight months I'm still struggling with the drama of Marieangel04 I'm fully aware this is highly unhealthy and am trying everything I can think of to get over it all, however I hope you'll bare with me if and when pictures regarding her as a topic pops up.
    I was bullied by her. plain and simple. and sadly not so simple is me getting over that, It took me six years to get over Real drama between me and two friends offline I'm sure it will take me much much longer to get thought this one. So please bare with me as I fight my way though this.

  • 2016 anime/shows finished

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    Kill la kill

    Sailor moon crystel  season 3

    Rick and morty season one

  • My massive upload to do list once back

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    Just a reminder: I am going away from august 4th-11th


    When I do come back I'll have


    12 pictures to post


    1 to scan


    11 to color and scan


    6 to ink, color and scan


    As well as at least eight or more drawn while I'm on vacation in of it's self so thats a total of 30 from july to get posted or finished and much more on the way of august though I will be sepending some of my august time working on my posts from july, this is just a heads up of what's to come :)

  • Beta reader

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    Tw: Suicide

    I’m rewritting one of my old characters changing his past, life, everything I’m not even done with chapter one yet and already I can tell I need help on this so does anyone want to be my beta reader and tell me what the heck is off about it? becuse I feel like I’m missing somthing but can’t make my brain ask me the questions I need to

  • NetFlicks and insanity 6.1.16

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    25 pages into the 98 page book that is life, or perhaps 25 chapters who knows. I'm aware of the wrongs I've done though the last five years and five months and I'm sorry for that. I'm young and old, wise and stupid, growing, a muture fan and fangirl all in one. Now on to the post.


    1. remember those stories I was gonna write? Well......The summer has gotten away from me and its only the first day. My dad wants me to job hunt and apply to as many places as possible before July 4th, I also want to have found a plane ticket to go to texas before July 4th as well, Throw in the return of an old OC and those stories don't hold the alure they did. I'd much rather work and rework on my OC rather then some fandom thing.

      TLDR: No Danny phantom fanfics coming soon

    2. I'm sorry if I unwatched you I accidently unwatched people in my massive late night unwatching that I didn't mean to and I'm sorry for that ^^; some people I meant too because they drew DP art others I didn't and others I did for not reconizing their username ^^;

    3. I also blocked M's Sister on Facebook and unwatched most Danny phantom artists. It's not that I don't like their work or the fandom but I relate all Danny phantom good or bad to Her. As such out of sight out of mind. I've decided to give over Power puff girls, Danny phantom, Max goof, and the first DIC dub of sailor moon to her meaning I won't go near those shows or fandoms anymore

      TLDR: No more drama, I'm staying away from things she likes and sticking with my own likes

    4. :icondannyphantomph: and :iconblackbutler136: The pictures I want to draw of you are coming I attempted to draw them but they came out so horrible that if I posted them you'd think I was insulting or mocking you so I decided to never let them see the light of the internet and have you just wait a bit longer I'm sorry

    5. Look here: https://gothichopeful.wordpress.com/2016/05/30/summer-goals-and-schdual/ This is my summer plans short and sweet

    6. I will be writing a story over the summer it will just be my OC's story is all I'm going to be diving hevealy back into my OC world and remaking it this summer





    May 14, 2016, 9:38:19 PM | 6 Comments | 4 min read

    Bold= what I'll be drawing most of



    Ryuko x Mako (kill la kill,OTP/Romantic)

    Black widow x hulk (Marvel, OTP/Romantic)

    Black widow x Cap amarica (Marvel. BOTP/Platonic)

    Black widow x hawkeye (Marvel, BOTP/Platonic)

    Yuskea x kaiko (yu yu hakasho, OTP/Romantic)

    Hiei x kurama (yu yu hakusho, BOTP/Platonic)

    Kuwabara x yukina (yu yu hakusho OTP/Romantic)

    Madaoka x Homura (pulla magi modoka magica, OTP/Romantic)

    Kyoko x Maimi (pulla magi modoka magica, OTP/Romantic)

    Kyoko x Sayaka (pulla majo modoka magica OTP/Romantic)

    Joshua Nolan x Amanda Rosewater (Defiance, OTP/Romantic)

    Irisa Nyira x Alak Tarr (Defiance, OTP/Romantic)

    Datak Tarr x Stahma Tarr (Defiance, OTP/Romantic)

    Doc Yewll xDatak Tarr (Defiance, BOTP/platonic)

    Dipper x Wendy  (gravity falls, OTP/Romantic)

    Dipper x pacifica  (Gravity falls OTP/Romantic)

    Mable x Pacfica (Gravity falls OTP/Romantic

    Wendy x Grunkle stan(Gravity falls ?/Romantic)

    Akari xLuna (Daybreak illusion, OTP/Romantic)

    Yuna Yuki x Mimori Togo (Yuki yunna is a hero,OTP/Romantic)

    Amythest Ocean- Danny/Sam (Dannyphantom, OTP/Romantic)

    Shallow Sapphire- Paulina/Danny (Dannyphantom, OTP/Romantic)

    Gray Ghost- Valerie/Danny (Dannyphantom, OTP/Romantic)

    Hunter Silly- Tucker/Valerie (Dannyphantom, OTP/Romantic)

    Veggie Burger-Tucker/Sam (Dannyphantom, OTP/Romantic)

    Jock Goth- Kwan/Sam (Dannyphantom, OTP/Romantic)

    Sports Satellite- Kwan/Star (Dannyphantom, OTP/Romantic)

    makeup Honor- Dash/Paulina (Dannyphantom, OTP/Romantic)

    Moronic Genius- Maddie/Jack (Dannyphantom, OTP/Romantic)

    Phantom Rocker- Danny/Ember (Dannyphantom, OTP/Romantic)

    Evil Goth- Dan/Sam (Dannyphantom, OTP/Romantic)

    Dark Gray- Dan/Valerie (Dannyphantom, OTP/Romantic)

    Hunter's Flame- Ember/Skulker (Dannyphantom, OTP/Romantic)

    PackagedFood- Box Ghost/Lunch Lady (Dannyphantom, OTP/Romantic)

    Black Cat - Johnny 13/Kitty (Dannyphantom, OTP/Romantic)

    Melancholy Assistance-Spectra/Bertrand (Dannyphantom, OTP/Romantic)

    Pitch Pearl- DannyF/DannyP (Dannyphantom, OTP/Romantic)

    Pompous Pep- Vlad/Danny (Dannyphantom, OTP/Romantic)

    Evil Alliance-Sam/Paulina (Dannyphantom, OTP/Romantic)

    Somber Sear-Ember/Sam (Dannyphantom, OTP/Romantic)

    Snow x Charming (Once upon a time, OTP/Romantic)

    Ruby x Belle (Once upon a time, OTP/Romantic)

    Ruby x Dorthy (Once upon a time, OTP/Romantic)

    Rumple x Belle (Once upon a time, OTP/Romantic)

    Emma x Regina(Once upon a time, OTP/Romantic)

    Emma x Hook (Once upon a time, OTP/Romantic)

    Rumple x regina (Once upon a time, BOTP/Platonic)

    Bob x linda (Bobs burgers, OTP/Romantic)

    Tina x jimmy jr (bobs burgers, OTP/Romantic)

    Louise x Regular size ruty (bobs burgers, OTP/Romantic)

    Michiru x momo chan (Sailor moon OTP/Romantic)

    Sailor moon x sailor uranus (Sailor moon OTP/Romantic)

    Chibi moon x Sailor saturn (Sailor moon OTP/Romantic)

    tuxedo mask x sailor moon (Sailor moon OTP/Romantic)

    neptune x urunas (Sailor moon OTP/Romantic)

    Tsubomi x Erika (Heartcatch precure OTP/Romantic)

    Tokaku Azuma x Haru Ichinose (Riddle story of the Devil, OTP/Romantic)

    Rose and greg (Steven univere, OTP/Romantic)
    Rose and pearl (Steven univere, OTP/Romantic)
    Connie and steven (Steven univere, OTP/Romantic)
    Lapis and peridot (Steven univere, OTP/Romantic)
    Lars and sadie  (Steven univere, OTP/Romantic)
    Perl x amathiest (Steven univere, OTP/Romantic)
    Ruby and sahppire (Steven univere, OTP/Romantic)
    Peridot x amatest (Steven univere, OTP/Romantic)
    Pearl x Connie (as a girl cursh) (Steven univere, OTP/Romantic)
    Pearl x Steven (as a I miss rose crush) (Steven univere, OTP/Romantic)

    Rainbow dash x Fluttershy (MLP, OTP/Romantic)

    Trixi x starlight glimmer (MLP, OTP/Romantic)

    Twilight x sunset shimmer (MLP, OTP/Romantic)

    Rarity x fluttershy (MLP, OTP/Romantic)

    Rarity x applejack (MLP, OTP/Romantic)

    Bon bon x Lyra (MLP, OTP/Romantic)

    DJ-PN3 x octavia (MLP, OTP/Romantic)




    Grace x Sam (The wolves of mercy falls, OTP/Romantic)

    Cole x Isabelle (The wolves of mercy falls, OTP/Romatic)

    Ron x Hermione (Harry potter, OTP/Romantic)

    Hermoine x Harry (Harry potter BOTP/platonic)

    Hermoine x Draco (Harry potter OTP/Romantic)

    Luna x nevel  (Harry potter OTP/Romantic)

    Draco x Harry (Harry potter ?/?)

    Nico x Victor (the runaways, OTP/Romantic)

    Gertude x chase (the runaways, OTP/Romantic)

    Maps x Damian Wyane (Gotham acadmey OTP/Romantic)

    Oliva x Maps (Gotham acadmy BOTP/Platonic)



    Sam Roth (the wolves of mercy falls)

    Yukina (yu yu hakasho)

    Hiei (yu yu hakusho)

    Kurama (yu yu hakusho)

    Nico (the runaways/ A-force)

    Homura (Pulla magi modoka magica)

    Irisa Nyira (Defiance)

    Captian amarica (Marvel)

    Black widow (Marvel)

    Scarlet witch (Marvel)

    Datak Tarr (Defiance)

    Doc Yewll (Defiance)

    Sam manson (Danny phantom)

    Ember Mclain (Danny phantom)

    Grunkle stan (Gravity falls)

    Wendy (gravity falls)

    Dipper  (gravity falls)

    Mable (gravity falls)

    Rumple (Onceupon a time)

    Regina (Onceupon a time)

    hook (Onceupon a time)

    Snow white (Onceupon a time)

    The blechers (Bobs burgers)

    Mr.Fishowner (bobs burgers)

    Sailor mercury (Sailor moon)

    Sailor uranus (sailor moon)

    Cure moonlight  (heartcatch precure)

    Tokaku Azuma (Akuma no riddle)

    Pearl (Steven universe)

    Sapphire (Steven universe)

    amathest (Steven universe)

    Lapis (Steven universe)

    Paridot (Steven universe)

    Rose  (Steven universe)

    Twilight sprakle (My little pony)

    Luna (My little pony)

    Starlight glimmer (My little pony)

    Sunset shimer (My little pony)

    Fluttershy (My little pony)



    Ember (Dragon, MLP)

    Luna (Alicorn, MLP)

    Cure moonlight  (heartcatch precure)

    Tokaku Azuma (Akuma no riddle)






    May 14, 2016, 7:57:20 PM | 5 Comments | 3 min read

    These are series I'm currently watching or have watched and only series I'm not counting books or things I saw or picked up once but never countiued or tried to  I'll post a FANDOMS 2.0 evenutally when more comes to the fray but for now

    *= Dropped

    Bold = Still into even now



    Twilight (book series)

    The wolves of mercy falls (book series)

    harry potter (book series)

    Vampire kiss* (book series)

    Vampire knight* (manga)

    Rosary and a vampire* (manga)

    Sand chronicals (manga)

    Drama con (manga)

    Juvinal Orian (manga)

    yu yu hakusho (manga)

    Sugar sugar rune (manga)

    Beast master  (manga)

    Tsubasa Resviour chronicals* (manga)

    Spiderwick chronicals (book series)

    Cirque du freak* (book series and manga)

    A series of unfourtionet events (book series)

    Nevermore trilogy (book seires)

    hush hush series* (book series)

    Bloody kiss (manga)

    +anima (manga)

    Fullmetal alchmist (manga)

    hunger games (book series)

    divergent (book series)

    angelstar (book series)

    the chronicals of narina* (book series)

    Beyond the beyond*(manga)

    Kieli (Manga)

    Percy jackson (book sereis)

    nightmare inspector (manga)

    the runaways (comics)

    king of thorn (manga)

    high school Debut (manga)

    Magical knight Rayearth* (manga)

    Cardcaptors sakura* (manga)

    I'm Here (manga)

    xxxholic* (manga)

    Future Diary* (manga)

    Amulat* (comic)

    The earl and the fairy (manga)

    Pulla magi modoka magica (manga)

    Pulla magi modoka magica diffrent story (manga)

    Tegami Bachi letter bee* (manga)

    D-grayman* (manga)

    Jiu jiu* (manga)

    Wariror cats (graphic novel)

    Animal academy (manga)

    Maid sema* (manga)

    ouran high school host club* (manga)

    Adventure time with fiona and cake (comic)

    hollow fields (graphic novel)

    Twin spica (manga)

    black butler* (manga)

    batman lil gotham* (comic)

    Magic next door (book series)

    NANA* (manga)

    Attack on titan* (manga)

    Dragon Drive* (manga)

    The jelly beans and the...(childrens picture book)








    sleepy hallow

    Robot wars

    Modern family*

    The muppets

    Avatar the last airbender

    Ledgend of korra

    Th fairly odd parents*




    Ren and stimpy*

    Rockos modern life

    Ahhhhh real monsters


    hey aronld

    the angry bevers


    the wold thorn berrys

    oh yeah cartoons

    rocket power

    As told by ginger

    invader zim


    The adventures of jimmy nutron

    My life as a teenage robot

    Danny phantom

    kungfu panda ledgends of awesomeness

    Adventure time

    powerpuff girls

    Courage the cowerdly dog

    Codename kids next door

    Gravity falls



    cardcaptors sakura,

    digimon Adventure,

    Tenchi muyo,

    Tenchi universe,

    Tenchi in Tyoko,

    digimon 02,

    digimon tamers,



    Yu yu hakusho,

    princess tutu,

    code geass,

    Ghost hunt,



    Pulla magi modoka magica,

    daybreak illusions,

    Yuki Yuna is a Hero,

    Selector Infected Wixoss




    Once upon a time

    bobs burgers

    Super girl


    NCIS new orlands

    the Goldburgers

    the Real oneals

    My little pony friendship is magic

    Sailor moon Crystle,

    Doc Mc stuffins

    Sofia the first

    kill la kill

    Akuma no riddle

    Heartcatch precure

    Steven universe

    yu yu hakuso 

    Sword art online

    outlaw star

    lyrica nhona




    Raven cycle

    hunter x hunter

    library wars

    beautiful creatures

    Maxium ride


    Mercy Thompson

    the demons lexicon

    the unwanteds

    Alpha and omega

    Avatar the last airbender

    Shoulder a coffin kuroko

    Fruits basket

    Gotham academny

    My little pony

    Steven universe


    Baka cooper

    Bobs burgers

    Spirit animals


  • About my files

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    First and formost "The fandom trash files" are my observation of myself and not the fandom/s as a whole. I plan on posting primiarly Fanwork here although some OC's might slip in with the fanart. My files will be my way of documenting my own view points as I go though this fangirl metamorphosis so first and formost what is "trash" urban dictionary has this to say "When your entire reason of existing is a certain thing, you are ____ trash. More obsessed than a fan" Fandom trash goes into it a bit more "an individual undergoing an unhealthy obsession with a fandom in which his/her top priority in life is to consume and/or produce fanworks that refer to the fandom in focus, often without much regard to the fanwork's actual relevance. When using this term, replace "fandom" in "fandom trash" with the actual fandom."  For months now I've down right hated that term, while many see it as harmless fun (which I should note it can be) I've seen it as derogatory. Even now saying "The fandom trash files" makes me feel like I'm lowering my sense of self to just what I like and my online persona and life as if that is all there is. That is part of the reason I want to document both the emotional, physical, and outside view point of myself in regards to all this

    So first a bit about me or more spicifically anime and me.

    Anime and I have a long history. Back in 3rd grade I watched TV dub broadcast of pokemon, cardcaptors sakura, digimon Adventure, Tenchi muyo, Tenchi universe, Tenchi in Tyoko, digimon 02, digimon tamers, yu-gi-oh, Naruto, Yu yu hakusho, this went on from third grade till 11th or 12th grade. I was animegirl4ever and animegirl4ever09189 on many websites, fourms, and such. I was anime girl and I thought I always would be. Once it went off air or moved to time slots I could no longer fallow I watched it here and there princess tutu, code geass, Ghost hunt, xxxholic, Shiki, Pulla magi modoka magica, Sailor moon Crystle,daybreak illusions, Yuki Yuna is a Hero, Selector Infected Wixoss  and even starting then dropping or unfinishing some anime like Soward art online, nahno lyrica, outlaw star,Selector spread Wixoss but while I watched and enjoyed it never felt like I was animegirl the same way. I watched more live action and anime inspired shows, I watched more cartoons and read more comics I driffted away from anime and manga I started seeing the user name as my past, childish, and needing something new and less “untrue” purplewolf91212 and ghostlygoth98 and other such non “anime” names I named myself on sites. It hasn't been till recently after Watching FLCL feeling the need to watch it. While my love of anime never really went away it dwindled but after watching FLCL it's come back in full force and I have a line up of anime to view and its all thanks to vispa girl :3

    Live action shows are a bit less complex I currently watch Once upon a time, Supergirl, NCIS, NCIS new orlands, the Goldburgers, Face off, Catfish, MTV suspect, DC ledgends of tomarow, Doctor who, My cat from hell, and prior I've watched Firefly, Defiance, sleepy hallow, too cute, tiny house hunters, house hunters, house hunters international, what not to wear, love lust or run,

    Cartoons I watch bobs burger, Steven universe, and my little pony prior I used to watch Adventure time, cat dog, rugrats, ahh real monsters, avatar the last airbender, ledgend of korra, and much much more.

    Comics, manga, and books are a bit to long to list in this post alone and will be its own post under the "FANDOMS" post I plan on making

    So there is your intro to me, my likes, and my blog post.