Hey there! I'm Versc. They/Them, dragon and monster enthusiast.

If I've acquired a stryx you have slots to, feel free to tag me in the breedings!

Favs of the Flock

Whisper - Baby boy! Dheer's main lad

Port and Starboard - chaos lads, thieves and pirates

Halcyon - prettyboy, show bird, simple good bean

Fable and Sorrow - girlfriends and in love. Ekundayo is their son!

Hir - explorer. loves beautiful places, things, and stryx.

Zhu!! Please note he is large enough for multiple harpias and gryphs to perch on. This piece is a decent size ref, Theroux is a large sized royal harp.

Calyx - grumpy dragon bacon strip

Shakil and Malik - terrible brothers, bad men

Please do not draw:


Onyx, Fike

Any unnamed / "Dracostryx"

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