Hello folks - I'm a lurker here at Paper Demon.   I met Susie through another art web site.  Gosh, it's been so long.  I've watched her site grown and she's inspired me quite a bit over the years.



I like to critique and get critiqued!

My critique style:

I do my best with orginal art and stories. Send me a sample and I'll do my best to give you input. Please be specific about the kind of critique you're looking for. I can roast with the best of them. I prefere to give supportive critiques, but if you're looking for a few good flames to stimulate some creative juices - I'm the one you're looking for. I can be severe, but I will try to offer a solution to any negative critique that I offer.  Lastly, I love to give critiques but I don't like being yelled at for saying something you're not ready to hear.  My knowledge base: I have been writing fantasy since I was 11 y ears old.  I have been reading fantasy novels just as long.  I have a sincere love of fantasy movies, comics, anime and manga.   I'm art school graduate with intermediate knowledge of anatmony, composition and perspective.  I don't simply pull crits out of my a**! I will be more than happy to tell you how, what and why behind a crit. 

Favorite Artists:

  • Brom
  • Rowena
  • Boris Vallejo

Current writing projects:
Shrivastava: It's adult material so you'll have to be able to enter the Red Curtain to read it.

My other passions include (in no particular order):
Anime, drawing, traveling, talking about sex, porn, more anime, movies, music, writing, fantasy novels, writing fantasy , cats, traditional art media, Matrix Twins, Korg Triton Workstation, Japanese culture, dragons, digital media, torrents, men, PC Games, manga and loads more... ^_^

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