Hey there~!

I am a self-taught artist, thankfully managed to get a tablet a few years ago and I'm STILL learning new things with it... oops...

I'm originally from Dracostryx. I'll likely be uploading art of my little Falkreath - and you'll see her around if you look up her ID - she's my baby! I love her design to no end hehe...

Another thing I love is Dragons of Aquella, they're just a fun thing and I've managed to actually draw them, so you'll likely see that sort of art here too, probably moreso than Dracostryx... oops. XD

Enjoy your stay~! ^^


A few things I probably should mention. I have 2 dA accounts related to Dracostryx, one I was using solely for the ARPG and the other general use.

But shenanigans happened and passwords ended up not working for different accounts at different times so EVERYTHING is a bit wonky on there, oops.

Sketched-dragons - https://www.deviantart.com/sketched-dragons

Sketchies-ARPG - https://www.deviantart.com/sketchies-arpg

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