• Hi every one Neko-girl here!    
  • Info on me  
  • Age: 18
  • Gender: Female (well duh that’s why I have girl in my name)
  • DOB: 11/05/88
  • Fave food: sweet corn, rice and onion rings
  • Most hated food: Pork, chicken and mushrooms.      
  • Okay I’ve just started my 3rd year at college but my 1st in Art and Design, still working on the book, because I had a case of writers block every time I’ve tried to get on with it so since November last year I’ve only written 9 and a half chapters but I’m working on it.   I like to draw read (Harry Potter and Manga) watch anime and anything to do with horror.    
  • Well that about it for now so byebye.    
  • Peace out and meow

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  • Cover for The darkness I am

    The darkness I am

    I wrote this last year on 9th June and saved iton to a flopy that I found yesterday when I was cleaning my room so here it is, enjoy

  • Cover for it makes me feel alive

    it makes me feel alive

    I came up with this when I heard a son called listen to the rain, and I like to just sit in my room on a rainly day and just do that but I like feeling the rain even more

  • Cover for Missed?


    I've been in a really bad mood today and when i'm in a bad mood I feel like no one likes me and that things are worst then they are.

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