Kon'nichiwa, kon'nichiwa~

My name is Miriam-chan.

Besides working as a moderator for this site's server on Discord.

I am both a self taught writer/artist that's quite passionate towards all sorts of things!

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  • Cover for ミリアムちゃん's Delight II

    ミリアムちゃん's Delight II

    Another year has passed, Miriam-chan has been going through quite a lot mentally, to the point where no longer she could even roll with the life that was only being a high school student for the last time. However... During the midsummer of that year, because of the recurring dreams she's been having of spending much time with a young Japanese man, whom had feelings for her also. Surely they've been a great comfort at first, but eventually those particular dreams had reignited the heart and soul of the young lady to the degree, where a new adventure most certainly shall happen.

  • Cover for Miriam-chan no Boken

    Miriam-chan no Boken

    In celebration of Miriam-chan's Delight II officially during a year old on this day Figured I could blow some dust off a test pilot chapter which was sadly not used for the current story. Will explain why in a interview on my blog.

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  • Interview with the Author

    Jul 2, 2021, 8:29:49 AM | 0 Comments | 3 min read
    Interview with the Author     Did you always have plans with making a sequel to Miriam-chan's Delight? Not exactly, I only came to the decision with making a sequel, because of the constant dreams
  • Meiling Cheng

    Jul 2, 2021, 8:09:13 AM | 0 Comments | 2 min read
    Meiling Cheng Birthday: April 14th Zodiac Sign: Aries Height: 5'3 Age: 21 (start and end of the series) Relatives: Shufen (brother) Friends: Miriam-chan (close friend) Relationships: Junichi (
  • Miriam Holliman

    Jul 2, 2021, 4:30:18 AM | 0 Comments | 5 min read
    Miriam “Miriam-chan” Holliman Birthday: November 26th Height: 5'7 Age: 19 (start of the sequel), 20 (middle and end of the sequel) Relatives: Mariko/Maureen (mother), Richard (father), Marcus (ol
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