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  • Cover for ミリアムちゃん's Delight II

    ミリアムちゃん's Delight II

    Another year has passed, Miriam-chan has been going through quite a lot mentally, to the point where no longer she could even roll with the life that was only being a high school student for the last time. However... During the midsummer of that year, because of the recurring dreams she's been having of spending much time with a young Japanese man, whom had feelings for her also. Surely they've been a great comfort at first, but eventually those particular dreams had reignited the heart and soul of the young lady to the degree, where a new adventure can most certainly happen.

  • Cover for One Shot Collection

    One Shot Collection

    Just a collection of one shot stories in the universe of Miriam-chan's Delight II.

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  • The Future Of Miriam-chan's Delight II + Creativity

    Dec 29, 2021, 4:03:11 AM | 0 Comments | 2 min read
    With the new year getting closer by the day. Well, I am just going to be straight to the point and be sharing what needs to be shared. The current version of Miriam-chan's Delight II still is goi
  • Character Bios [Volume 3]

    Nov 25, 2021, 1:39:57 AM | 0 Comments | 2 min read
    Character Bios [Volume 3]   Kotono Oyogu (琴乃泳ぐ)   Aliases: Kotono-dono, Kotono-chan, Oyogu-san   Birthday: December 12th   Age: 18   Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius.   Height: 5'5 or 165 cm Appearan
  • Interview with the Author #1

    Nov 13, 2021, 4:59:37 AM | 0 Comments | 2 min read
    Interview with the Author #1   Was there a reason for doing the third and current version of Miriam-chan's Delight II? When finishing up the twenty ninth chapter of the second version of the serie
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