• Current Age: 20
  • Current Residence: Fredericton, New Brunswick
  • Interests: Art, Writing, and video games
  • Favourite movie: Finding Nemo, Whisper of the Heart, Spirited Away, Signs, The Shawshank Redemption, Enchanted
  • Favourite band or musician: Maroon 5 and E-Type
  • Favourite genre of music: Techno and Soft Rock
  • Favourite artist: Clamp and Kyla Sturgeon
  • Favourite poet or writer: J.K Rowling and Valerie Sherrard
  • Favourite game: Final Fantasy series(not 7) DDR, Kya, and Kingdom Hearts
  • Favourite gaming platform: PS2 and DS
  • Favourite cartoon character: Puss In Boots and Dory
  • Personal Quote: Believe in your dreams and they will believe in you
  • School: Jounralism, St. Thomas University

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Latest writing

  • Cover for Just Another Morning

    Just Another Morning

    Vegeta wakes up, ready for a morning of training. Until his finds his wife's pink thong on the floor...

  • Cover for In Dreams

    In Dreams

    A/U Bulma has just surivived Breast Cancer, but this is not the end to her brush with death. Now Bulma is being haunted by a demon, who is hell bent on devouring her very soul.

  • Cover for The Melting Man

    The Melting Man

    Laura has always felt that relationships were never worth it since her vicious sexual assault when she was Fifteen years old. Now twenty-four she returns to her father to work at the traveling Circus that he runs. Many things have changed, including many new members. Returning to Horse-trick riding, she meet's Alice, her fellow rider and the one that will be retraining her. Laura is introduced to Damien, Alice's older brother, who is known as 'The Melting Man.' His body is mostly burned and is very heavlily scarred. Laura finds it hard to look at him because of his frightening appearance. However, after she is saved from a possible repeat from her past she dicovers the beauty of a relationship she thought couldn't exsist.

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