Leasing Permissions

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Leasing Permissions

This journal is for making leasing permissions for other players. 


General Reminders & Rules

The lease will last for however how long the agreement says. It can last from 1 day to infinty.

The stryx listed in this journal are the ones that can be leased at this time.

When uploading to PD please remember to tag all stryx in the activity roll. 

All entries (art and lit) must quailfy for AP.

Leasing can be stopped and renewed at any time. 

I hold the right to decline a lease
I hold the right to terminate a lease early if I feel it is necessary
These stryx are only leasing for the following activities: Events, Hunting, Fishing, Scavenging, and Quests!
If you are leasing my stryx you are responsible for submitting it into the queue to get it counted for AP and once its approved you can get it redeemed. You will get all of the loot!
How this will work is that I will make a comment on this journal that you can use as your permission for the duration of the time alloted. 
Stryx for Lease
If you would like to request a stryx to lease please reply to this comment
Dust is good for leasing because she is simple to draw! She also has 3 companions that have a chance to bring home the best meat, fish, and rare items!
Crow's main focus is to find things via scavenging. He is also ascened so if you draw him along side other stryx he can grant the partnership bonus
More Stryx will be added soon ~
revised 9/5/22

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