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  • Cover for Healing Soul

    Healing Soul

    InuYasha sees the woman he loves return to her time. What faces him in the next four weeks of a living hell? How does his close companions and older brother help? In the next month, will he ever be able to face Kagome again? Please READ 'Broken Soul' in RedCurtain before proceeding into this story!

  • Cover for Brother's Keeper

    Brother's Keeper

    InuYasha goes to give Kagome her backpack back, but ends up having his own soul ripped from his body at the well. InuYasha wakes up, seven hundred years into the past, a youkai, and in the Lord of the Western Land's castle. That Lord is not Sesshomaru. Cover art commissioned by FanasY(DA).

  • Cover for That One Kiss

    That One Kiss

    Trapped in the darkness of the Shikon no Tama, will InuYasha get to Kagome in time before she makes her wish? I do not own InuYasha, Rumiko Takahashi does. WARNING: Spoilers!

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