Name: Dakota

Nicknames: Fizz

Age: 22

Gender: Nonbinary/Transmasc - They/Them or He/Him


Hello! I am an AP admin for Stryx who also helps the Uploading team occassionally!


Commissions are currently closed.

Trades are for friends only.

Collabs and Roleplays are case by case.

I do not do Requests.

Gifts are a-okay, just be sure to send it to me so I can see! <3

Please do not ask if any of my characters are for sale.

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  • DS Items For Trade/Sale

    May 26, 2021, 10:47:28 PM | 0 Comments | 2 min read
    DRACOSTRYX ITEMS &amp; GENOS UP FOR TRADE OR OFFER Hello there! I'm looking to sell or trade a number of Dracostryx things. I have a small hoard that I just need to clear out. Below is a list of the
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