Name: Dakota

Nicknames: Fizz

Age: 21

Gender: Nonbinary/Transmasc - They/Them or He/Him

Hello! I'm still getting the hang of this website, so please be patient as I work on this.

I help run Saurian-Amoux over on dA and am a Misc Admin for Stryx!

Commissions are currently closed.

Trades are for friends only.

Collabs and Roleplays are case by case.

I do not do Requests.

Gifts are a-okay, just be sure to send it to me so I can see! <3

Please do not ask if any of my characters are for sale.

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Latest writing

  • Cover for The Wraith's Trap - WL6

    The Wraith's Trap - WL6

    Soul, Vanical, and habanero have watched the mighty Geiger fall. In an attempt to help, they've been cornered by the beast herself. The Stryx and two Kukuri must get creative in order to stop the Wraith.

  • Cover for Lost in the Underground - WL 5

    Lost in the Underground - WL 5

    Wraith's Lament Chapter 5 - Soul, Habanero, and Vanical take time to explore Sol's underground system in order to find the party they've been separated from.

  • Cover for Flight to Sol - WL 4

    Flight to Sol - WL 4

    Soul, Habanero, and Vanical come up with a plan to neutralize the threat terrorizing Sol's docks. WARNING - Mild Swearing

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  • DS Items For Trade/Sale

    May 26, 2021, 10:47:28 PM | 0 Comments | 2 min read
    DRACOSTRYX ITEMS &amp; GENOS UP FOR TRADE OR OFFER Hello there! I'm looking to sell or trade a number of Dracostryx things. I have a small hoard that I just need to clear out. Below is a list of the
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