I am a metal-head, and an anime otaku! I love heavy-metal, techno and classical. ABSOLUTELY NO POP OR COUNTRY!!!*dies* I really like the violent animes, like the unedited Japanese version of Hagane No Renkinjyutsushi. I claim Edward for myself, along with Greed and Kimbley. I speak/write Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Russian and some Italian. Right now, I'm working on Korean. I am what you'd call a "bad girl." I smoke, I read/write violent yaoi-full crap, I watch violence on T.V., I have rented/seen all the scary Asian movies in the video stores, and I hang out with the dark, filthy scum of the Earth~also known as the normality of man.I also swear a Hell of a whole lot! I am part German on my dad's side. On my mom's side, I'm Kaiowa,Cherokee, Siuox, Blackfoot. ANYWAYS!Yeah! Anoooooooo......Oh! Edowaado Erurikku daisuki desu!!!!!~ aLOOOOOT! :heart:

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