I am currently a student at a school of pharmacy. All the internship at rotations make me miss this nice hobby of mine. I would like to write more and draw more... hope I have more time in the coming days.

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  • Cover for Fade


    Inspirational to me while trying to do my bio homework. Written at 2:20 am, May 10, 2004!

  • Cover for NAME


    I was trying to be creative by having a poem that makes up a name. I couldn't come up with a name until Lawrence aimed me and he became my inspiration (Lawrence Y Ham) These were also posted on my Xanga

  • Cover for That Feeling

    That Feeling

    I wrote this in my Xanga (Quangb) and about this one particular person I like at that time... Turns out to be a big hit, so I decided to post it... This was written on Saturday April 10, 2004; 2:21 AM

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  • Lost cell phone

    Dec 7, 2008, 11:40:09 PM | 0 Comments | 1 min read
     Just want to let you all know that losing your cell phone is the most horrible thing to a person like me, who doesn't have anyone calling me. Hahaha. It just sucks because I was organized there with
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