Hello there peoples! My name is Tommy, but you can call me anything as long as it doesn't make me cry... heh. I like to chat, I will chat about just about anything on yahoo im. I like anime, especially Inuyasha. My favorite characters, well since it's in my id I have no need to say it here :p I also like a lot of other anime. I'm always willing to give different anime a two episode try before deciding I don't care for it. Like Yugioh I don't care if I spell it wrong... lol. I'm a husband and a father and a college student. I try to do all the above right. Even if I'm tired I still find time for the kids and my wife. When I have nothing else to do I draw (badly), write {big deal- only one fanfic so far- lol}, and sing {not in public, but I can actually sing well.} I have 3 kids, a daughter who's 3 years old, and twin boys who are 9 months old. I'm a sensitive person due to my upbringing. I'm my own critic, if I draw bad, I know it, so you don't need to tell me lol. I grew up in an abusive home, but I have not and will not carry that on with my kids or my wife. My wife could beat me up if she wanted to- lol. I like baseball. I like to try to cheer others up, although I'm not very good at it at times. My half-sister's boyfriend has appendix cancer, so that's been really rough {he's also been a friend of mine for quite awhile}. Ummmmm... Not sure if I should admit anything else on here lol.

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