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Avatar art thanks to the talented Cati-Art(DA).

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  • Cover for Broken Soul

    Broken Soul

    A very old curse that is passed down through the Inu family, attacks InuYasha. Now Kagome, Miroku, Sango, Kouga, and Sesshomaru must team up to fight a enemy that was even more powerful then Inu no Taishou himself, in order to save InuYasha's soul.

  • Cover for Eyes to Life

    Eyes to Life

    When Kagura makes a sudden attack, was she really there, or was it a new battle that will begin? And how do you fight an enemy, that you can only see? InuYasha is in a battle of his life, how does he know that something very powerful is at stake? Cover art commissioned by Cat-Art(DA).

  • Cover for Christmas Eve Present

    Christmas Eve Present

    On Christmas Eve, Kagome gives InuYasha a present that he will never forget, and on Christmas morning, will InuYasha return the favor? Cover art commissioned by RootsLove(DA).

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