Posting your artwork, change in way of adding to galleries

I've always known that adding artwork and writing to the appropriate sections was confusing. There is a specific way I wanted each person to choose their categories but I never was able to express it. Now, the artwork and writing sections are no longer as confusing as before. It's much clearer and will avoid mistakes. It also makes my job easier because I wont have to keep going through peoples artwork and writing and changing the categories for people.

Please let me know if adding your artwork and/or writing is still confusing after the said changes and I will try and find a way to improve the clarity.

On another note:
I've also made other changes to the site when viewing artwork in both the red curtain and the paper demon site. You'll find that the design is better and there are now links to the NEXT and PREVIOUS artwork by the artist who's work you are currently viewing. I had been thinking about implementing something like this for some time but I kept forgetting about it. Now people wont have to press the back button so often to navigate through artwork.

As always, any feedback you may have for me, whether it be good or bad, please post in the forum or send a private message. I am always trying my best to make this site functional as well as asthetic.

EDIT: Adding writing to categories has also been upgraded.