June 2024 Releases

Here's a look at the updates to PaperDemon.com during the month of June


Jun 1, 2024 - v71.3.0

## Change log

0903a1f 🔨 refactor (rollers) mirror shield tag based
896fc41 🍱 assets (directory) remove mysterious bloom
9742481 ⭐ feat (marketing page) romantic fantasy promotional page


Jun 13, 2024 - v71.4.0

Welcome to the v71.4.0 release. This release includes bug fixes and some small enhancements.

## Release highlights

🧑 Martus is now available in the battle roller as an assist! He will randomly pop up to give you a boost of damage in battle.
🌹 The Character Generator has been updated with new attributes in preparation for Champions of the Summer Rose event

## Change log

d367f7c 🍱 assets (app) revise link sharing meta description
a5bc83d 🐛 fix (game-items) alignment of portrait images
0cee57d 🍱 assets (marketing page) clarifications to blue rose event
a09f408 🍱 assets (marketing page) clarifications to blue rose event
68da506 ⭐ feat (characters) add blue rose traits to character generator
adfeabb 🔨 refactor (game-rollers) organize battle rollers
813bf5e ⭐ feat (rollers) martus assist
ad6e0ea 🐛 fix (art) return empty results if tag not found
3d912f6 🐛 fix (groups) hide forum link for starter plan


Jun 18, 2024 - v71.5.0

PaperDemon.com is back online. Welcome to the v71.5.0 release!

## Highlights

- FOR ARPG ADMINS: The admin queue now displays the equipment inventory for characters tagged in a submission to make it easier to determine point counts.
- New ARPG added to our directory. Welcome Giatoros!

## Change log

124121bf :star: feat (queue) show character equipment
d6b13821 :bento: assets (landing) add blue rose link
f166db64 :bento: assets (directory) add giatoros