20% off Trokens - Summer Sale

Summer Sale

Fundraising goal $80 / $200


Trokens sale

Trokens, our in-game premium currency, are your key to customizing your character and completing challenges past the deadlines through the purchase of items like the Elemensha, Companions, Junket Tank, Bookwyrm Bookmark, and more.



20% off Gold through June 27th with coupon code POPSICLE


20% off Gold through June 27th with coupon code POPSICLE

We accept Paypal!

Want to make a purchase via Paypal? No problem! Just follow the instructions toward the bottom of our shop page.

Summer Collectable

Everyone who makes a purchase by June 27th will get our summer sale collectable. Eligible purchases include Trokens, Gold, Steampunk Character Bases, Premium accounts, or being an active Patron on our Patreon.

About Patreon

Patreon is a monthly online subscription starting at $2/month that gets you early access to the PaperDemon Art RPG Bi-weekly challenge prompts, Quests, Portals, and Campaigns so you have more time to complete challenges.

At the $5/month tier you'll also get 20 Spirit Points per month to use toward Mystery Boxes.

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Upcoming price changes

We're going to raise the price on all Companions from 50 Trokens to 100 Trokens on June 27th. Please note that more opportunities to earn Trokens without a purchase, like the Raiders of the Solar Winds event, are in the works.

If you'd like to obtain a companion at the lower price, please make your Troken and Companion purchase before June 21st.

New Items

Every season we release new items. Here's a look at the new releases.

Battle equipment and special items

Poor man's shield
Potion of Minor Hiding
Permission slip
Blazing burrito
Queens orders

Elemental Weapons

Sky Weapon
Earth Weapon
Fire Weapon
Water Weapon

Crafting elemental weapons is a special crafting request that requires artwork to complete the craft. See the Weapon Crafting guide for details.

Crafting ingredients and Scraps

Mushroom wood
Dragonfly quill
Sparkling spices
Sparkling water
Elemental weapon kit
Iron Wood
Shedded PaperDemon Horn
Ornate Stationary


Special thank you to the following folks who contributed to the new items this season:

Shyftlock for concepts and mechanics

Black-Nocturne and Yanang for creating item art

BogusRed for creating Troken, Gold, Popsicle collectable ar and battle roller code