[Art RPG] Eventide Ring Campaign Chapter 2

Eventide Ring Campaign chapter 2

This campaign is connected to the Eventide Ring Portal.

It will remain open until February 28, 2022.

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The deadline has passed but you can still participate

Bookwyrm Bookmark

Purchase a Bookwyrm Bookmark with Trokens which will allow you to repair this unstable portal and complete Chapter 2 passed the event deadline! You may use a Junket Tank instead if you wish.

If you have not yet completed Chapter 1 yet, please do so first.

Play the Campaign


For participating in this challenge...

  • You earn 80 XP per chapter you complete

  • You earn 200 gold per chapter you complete

  • Your character earns 7 AP per chapter you complete

  • You earn a random item roll per chapter you complete

If you complete all three chapters of the challenge...

  • Your character earns the Eventide Ring Campaign Trophy

  • Your character earns a portal exclusive companion

  • You earn 100 XP instead of 80 for the final chapter

Challenge Requirements

You will be using the character you registered in our Character Creation Challenge. If you haven’t registered a character yet, follow that link to do so!

Pick one of the prompts below and draw or write your registered character in this new world!

  • If you are submitting art, it should be a full color or multi-tone greyscale piece that shows at least half of your character’s body and matches the prompt you have chosen. Shading is optional.

  • If you are submitting writing, your registered character should be the focus of the piece. The piece should be at least 700 words and it must match the content of the prompt you have chosen.

  • Submit your entry to PaperDemon.com and copy paste the prompt you selected into the submission description.

  • [Art submissions only] Tag PDARPGEventideCampaign and your character ID (e.g. PD123) then visit the Inn to collect your XP.

  • To receive your AP and chapter rewards for completing this challenge, submit your work by clicking the [Add to ARPG Queue] button on the artwork’s page. Choose PaperDemon ARPG > Portals. An admin from our team will process your request, grant your character their AP, and deposit your loot into your bank. You’ll receive a private message when the process is complete.


These prompts are specifically for Chapter 2. If you haven't completed Chapter 1 yet, please go complete Chapter 1 first.

Prompt #1 - The Fox

The sly little fox construct brings all sorts of trouble along with it. Draw or write your character meeting or interacting with the fox construct. Your piece must include your character and the fox construct.

Prompt #2 - The Tower

Your character and their companions face a harrowing challenge at the end of the chapter. Draw or write your character at some point during the tower scene. Your piece must include your character and the tower, or your character and one of their companions during the tower scene.

Prompt #3 - Make Your Own Prompt

Do you want to draw a different part of the story? Draw or write your character during their second chapter campaign adventure. Your piece must include your character and an identifiable story element. Write in the description which part of the story you’re addressing. If you’re not certain if your piece is clearly connected to the story, feel free to ask for assistance in our discord.

Have questions? Click [Post a Reply] below or ask in our Discord server in the #arpg-discuss or #halp channels.

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  • [Jan 31] Deadline extended from Jan 31 to Feb 28. Revise "complete all four chapters" to "complete all three chapters." Fix create character link.
  • Deadline extended from Dec 31 to Jan 31