[Art RPG] Announcing Mystery boxes, XP changes

Mystery boxes announcement art

Greetings PaperDemons!

You may have noticed your XP level has changed. We've completely recalibrated our XP leveling system to make it easier for players to get to the next level. We made this change so that we can introduce a new reward for leveling up, Spirit Points.

What are Spirit Points?

Spirit points are a new Art RPG in-game currency we've added to PaperDemon that rewards active and contributing members of the community. Members will earn 10 Spirit Points when they gain enough XP to level up. Members earn XP today by commenting on other members artwork or submitting PaperDemon Art RPG submissions or other art challenges that we offer XP for.

These Spirit Points can be used to purchase Mystery Boxes. At a later time we may introduce collectables and special items that can be purchased with Spirit points.

We will not be giving out any Spirit Points for levels you've already obtained up to this point but you will start to earn them going forward. Participate in our XP challenges or comment on art to earn more!

If you would like to earn Spirit Points quicker, you can earn them by becoming a Patron on our Patreon at the $5 level to earn 20 Spirit points each month automatically.

What are Mystery Boxes?

Mystery boxes are special boxes that drop a variety of useful items for the PaperDemon Art RPG. So far we only have one mystery box configured which drops crafting materials but in the future we'll offer more mystery boxes that drop rarer and more valuable items.

No USD purchase is necessary to obtain a mystery box.

Our mystery boxes clearly mark the value of items dropped. For those with a guaranteed drop, it will be labeled what items are guaranteed to be dropped. We will not offer mystery boxes for sale with dollars other than through supporting us on Patreon. We think this is a fair way to prevent members from getting carried away and spending money they may not have. We're committed to handling mystery boxes in a way that's fair and ethical.

Just to be clear, non-patrons still have access to Spirit points and mystery boxes by being active members on PaperDemon.com such as participating in Art RPG challenges and commenting on other members submissions which will earn you Spirit points as you level up through our XP system. 

Have feedback? Let us know what you think about this new feature in the comments below.

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