[Art RPG] Introducing Companions - 2021 Birthday Sale

Introducing Companions - Birthday Sale

Greetings PaperDemons! Every few months we do a post like this to announce new items and mechanics to the PaperDemon Art RPG along with discounts and special offers.

This month PaperDemon turns nineteen years old. And we're celebrating by announcing new items and selling discounted Trokens!

Fundraising Goal

$168 of $300 earned


Introducing Companions

Companions are a new item to the PaperDemon Art RPG. Companions are little critters you can purchase and equip to your character to give your character special benefits. This batch of companions will get you an extra item roll when you complete any challenge that gives you a random item drop (including Bi-weekly Character Development challenges and Portals), allowing you to get even more rewards for every piece of art you create.

You're limited to equipping one companion per character. In the future we'll allow more companions to be equipped based on how high your character's rank is.

Want to purchase a companion? You'll need to do so by obtaining Trokens, our premium currency. You can purchase them below or get them from random item drops as a rare drop.

Trokens Sale

The sale of Trokens helps us to cover production cost of staff, website hosting, creating new items, challenges, content, and mechanics for the PaperDemon Art Role Playing Game. Please consider supporting us with a Troken purchase. You can use them to purchase many nifty items in the shop, including the companions above and some of the new items below.


10% off now through October 15, 2021 with coupon code BIRTHDAY at checkout.

Once you receive your Trokens in your item bank, you can make a purchase with them in the item shop. Want to buy with Paypal? See the bottom of this post for details.

Everyone who makes a Troken purchase OR becomes a Patron at $5/mo or more before October 15, 2021, will also receive this limited edition 2021 Birthday Collectable in their item bank of a Willow doll. She's the PaperDemon who discovered the Portal network from our lore.

New Items

We've introduced several new items to the PaperDemon Art RPG allowing you to customize your character or participate in past challenges. See below for details...

Evolution Kit

This item allows you to update your character registration with a drastically different appearance such as your character going through a major evolution or a species change.

[Buy Evolution Kit]

100 Trokens

Bookwyrm Bookmark

This item allows you to complete a Character development challenge even though the deadline has already passed. You can collect all rewards for the challenge including XP.

[Buy Bookwyrm Bookmark]

40 Trokens

Makeover Kit

This item allows you to update your character sheet to make minor visual or personality updates to your character.

[Buy Makeover Kit]

150 Gold

Narwhal Sushi

Not actually made from Narwhals. Probably. Heals 40HP for Water elemental characters. Heals 20HP for all other elements.

[Buy Narwhal Sushi]

25 Gold

Potion of Don't-look-at-me
Your hands feel oddly transparent after you drink this. After use in battle, your opponent's next action against your character fails. To obtain this item you'll need to craft it or get it from a rare item drop.

[More info on Potion of Don't-look-at-me]

Mirror Shield

Outside of its use in battle, it's pretty effective to use to check your hair and makeup. Unless, of course, you're a vampire.

In boss battles, the Mirror Shield will protect you from 25% of the attack from the boss and projects that damage back at your opponent. Limit 1 per character.

[More info on Mirror Shield]

Buy Trokens with Paypal

We've received some requests from players to allow store payments via Paypal. If you'd like to buy Trokens via Paypal, you can send a request to [email protected] and include the following:

  • Subject: Store purchase with Paypal

  • Items requested: [list troken package requested]

  • Total USD: [calculate the expected total of your order]

  • PD Username: [Your username]

  • Paypal email: [your paypal email address]

Within a few days we'll send you an invoice via paypal and process your order soon after receiving payment! Thank you for your patience.

A note about Battles

Some of these items have battle mechanics or restore HP. Many of you haven't experienced a battle yet and may be wondering what's up with that. We're REALLY close to getting ready to launch our next battle but we want to iron out some of the bugs before we debut the new battle system. Thank you for your patience!


Huge thank you and shoutout goes to Shyftlock for helping conceptualize these items and their mechanics and Lauren Lee for creating the amazing item art.