PaperDemon Secret Santa 2020 Art Trade

Secret Santa 2020 graphic

Seasons Greetings PaperDemons,

The end of this weird and crazy year is almost upon us. I know it's been a tough one for many for a variety of reasons. But there's one thing that's sure to bring a smile to your face to close out the year.

That's right, the moment you've all been waiting for, the PaperDemon Secret Santa art exchange is here!

What is it?

The PaperDemon Secret Santa Art Trade is a tradition we do every year. It's a fun way to both create an art gift for someone else while also receiving an art gift. It can be very rewarding to create a gift for someone else.

When you sign up for the PaperDemon Secret Santa Art Trade, you put in a request of what you'd like another member of the PaperDemon community to draw or write for you. Perhaps it's your favorite Dragon Ball Z character (omg Vegeta 🤤) or one of your original characters. We then mix up the names and assign everyone a person to create a gift for. Everyone participating will draw the request or write a story for the person their assigned. Between Christmas eve and New Year's, we each post our gifts on PaperDemon!

Participation requirements

  • Please only sign up if you have the time to create a work of art or write a story before January 1st.

  • Keep your request simple. For visual art, try to stick to one character, maybe two characters max.

  • Assemble reference material related to your request.


  • 50 XP

  • 2020 Secret Santa badge achievement

  • Warm fuzzies from giving the gift of your creativity

How to participate

  1. Register to participate by November 30th by filling out the Registration form.

  2. Watch your inbox. Around December 2nd, I'll scramble the names and randomly chose someone on the list to create your request. You'll get an email with details on who you'll be creating for and what they've requested. Remember, it's supposed to be a secret so please don't tell who you are Secret Santa for. That would ruin the surprise!

  3. Create a visual work of art or write a story of what the other person requested

    1. It's a huge bummer for the person on the receiving end to not get their gift so please don't bail. It doesn't have to be perfect or complex either. Do something realistic with the time you have.

    2. If you think you might be late, have questions about the requested art, or any other trouble, please email me at or message me on discord.

  4. Post your art or writing submission on PaperDemon between Dec 24th and January 1st. Tag art with the tag secretsanta2020. For writing submissions, include #secretsanta2020 in the summary. Send a message to the person the gift is for with a link to their gift!

More info

Don't have time to create a full color art piece? Consider doing a refined sketch or line art on a solid background color.

There are no requirements in terms of how finished an art piece must be or a minimum word requirement for written works. But it should be clear that some time and effort was put into creating the piece.

Please also be understanding of the fact that participants come from a wide range of skill levels.

Not sure what to request? Here are some ideas:

  • One of your original characters.

  • Your favorite animal.

  • Your favorite anime or game character.

  • Your favorite genre of art, game, or fantasy.

  • If you're participating in the PaperDemon Art RPG, consider requesting a story or work of art of your registered character.

Haven't registered yet? Visit the Secret Santa 2020 Registration form now.

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