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My gears turn differently



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If you see this item in my inventory, I am autistic.

Happy Autism Acceptance Month 2023!


Learn about Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD), usually called autism, is something you’re born with. Autism means that the way you think about and experience the world is different to most people. This means you can behave differently to most people, and have different strengths and difficulties. For example, some autism characteristics (things you think, feel and do) can make it hard to express yourself in social situations, but you may also be particularly knowledgeable and passionate about topics that interest you.

Autism is highly variable – the word ‘spectrum’ refers to how autism is experienced differently by different people. Autism is considered a spectrum because it’s different for every autistic person – some autistic people might need more support than others to live the lives they want to lead. The way autism affects you can change as you grow and develop, and experience different environments.


Autism is a diverse spectrum. It is not a linear scale, but rather a culmination of different traits with differing severities for each trait for each person on the spectrum. For example, some people with ASD may struggle more with sensory processing and executive functioning, while others may struggle more with social awareness and repetitive behaviors.

Once you've met one person with autism, you've met one person with autism. Don't believe everything you see in the media about how autistic people are. Often times these are based on stereotypes. We are much more varied than that.


Here are some resources if you would like to learn more about autism. We will add more as time goes on and we get suggestions from the community.

  • Search #ActuallyAutistic on Youtube, Tiktok, Instagram, and other social media. Whenever possible, please try to also learn about Autism from autistic people rather than just from organizations or medical descriptions. Medical descriptions are mostly focused on the impact autism has on the people around the autistic person, rather than what happens on the inside and the lived experience of autistic people.
  • Welcome to the Autistic Community - A great way to learn about Autism written by autistics.
  • Autistic Self Advocacy Network
  • Why is Autism called Autism Spectrum Disorder

If you would like to suggest a resource, please let us know in the discord suggestion box.



The red gears and wings symbolize the light it up Red campaign for Autism Acceptance. The yellow gems are to symbolize the women, trans, and non-binary autistic members of our community.


How to use this item

If you want to raise awareness and acceptance of autism, you're welcome to purchase this item for 1 gold so that it displays in your inventory and helps others to learn more about autism. If you later no longer identify as autistic or no longer feel comfortable labeling yourself publicly, you're welcome to sell this item back to the bank.

A formal diagnosis of autism is not required. You are welcome to self-identify as autistic.


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  • Added on Apr 3, 2023
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