Flash Battle - Saturday Sept 16, 2023

The deadline has passed
Deadline: Sep 16, 2023, 12:30:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time

NOTE: The above countdown is for the END of the event. The event will last 3 hours and begins  Saturday Sept 16, 10am PST or 5pm UTC on the PaperDemon Youtube Channel.

See the start time in your timezone.

In this special live battle event, we’ll draw in real time and try to take down the boss by the end of the livestream. Flash Battles are much quicker than our regular battles.


UPDATE: The boss was defeated and we had to end the stream early! Great going everyone! See the attacks here.


Starting HP: 5000

Element: Shadow

You can’t kill the undead…

The Vogue Vampire is back! You recognized him after glimpsing his shadow out of the corner of your eye on the Avangard guild ship. Whatever he’s up to, he’s certainly not allowed in the guild. Rally your fellow adventurers to drive back the batty beast!

Join The Battle!

Want to know how our art challenges work? Check out this page!

Requirements and rules

Flash Battles are much quicker and simpler than our regular battles. You will, however, have to use a registered, adventurer rank character to participate. 

You may participate in as many rounds as you want but you may only participate once per round. Attack cooldown will be set to 15 minutes.

Ready, Set, Fight!

Here's how it works...

Watch the livestream on our Youtube channel when the event begins. Flash Battles operate in rounds. There will be 6 rounds of the fight with each round lasting approximately 20 minutes. There will be breaks in between rounds lasting from 5-20 minutes.

There will be a designated prompt for each round revealed on stream. Only the current prompt for the round will be shown on the stream. The prompt will remain active the whole battle although it will no longer be shown on screen. Anyone who wishes to continue with an earlier prompt into the next prompt’s time is welcome to do so.

You’ll have 20 minutes to make a quick sketch/100 word written entry using the prompt and submit your attack. You can coordinate duocasts with other players in the stream chat.

BogusRed and Minimaid will attempt to process healing requests on stream. You may have to poke us in the stream chat to get a quicker response. If the boss is defeated before the 6th round, we will do a healing round where you can create art from the prompt to do a healing action.

All of your usual items and equipment will work in this fight and the boss is just as strong as other bosses. You will need a Battle Token as well.


For art based attacks…

For writing based attacks…

If you need help, join our Discord to ask questions.


For each character you enter into battle with, you will earn…

  • 50 XP per attack or hosted Duocast

  • 10 Gold per attack or hosted Duocast

  • 5 Trokens per attack or hosted Duocast

  • 5 AP per attack or hosted Duocast. Your duocast partner also earns AP from being depicted in the artwork/writing.

There is one checkpoint award for this battle.

  • The character who deals the highest damage will receive x3 Black Aster.

Win Conditions

The boss must be defeated before the end of the Flash Battle. If the boss is defeated, the rewards for each round will be doubled. Maybe you’ll even find out what he was doing on the Avangard guild ship. If the boss is not defeated, you’ll be seeing his impact on the Avangard guild ship in the near future…

Now you’re ready to join the fray!