Non-challenge Roleplay

In the PaperDemon Art RPG, you can gain Ability points for creating artwork or writing of your registered character outside of our typical challenges. While we do encourage you to participate in the official PaperDemon challenges, such as character training and Portals, which offer you more rewards, you still can gain some AP for other art of your character as long as it meets requirements. Below are the requirements and instructions on how to redeem your AP for roleplay with other players.


Our most active roleplay arena is in our Discord, where you can find other players and host roleplays in the forum.



Before earning AP for your character art, you must complete the Create a character challenge and have received a character ID to confirm your character is registered. You must create a roleplay with another player in order to submit it as a roleplay– if you alone create the piece then it is considered regular non challenge creative work. You must link to your partner’s PaperDemon account in the description of the piece you post for rewards. Make sure that your partner is comfortable with publicly posting your roleplay.

10 AP

Art: A minimum of a half-body colored OR half-body multi-tone greyscale finished piece of your character. Shading and background is optional.

-Must include the relevant roleplay scene in the description of the artwork, including both your and your partner’s writing. You may include the roleplay as a link, a screenshot, or a copy/paste of the text.

-There is no minimum to the roleplay wordcount, but the roleplay must include the context for the artwork. 

10 AP

Writing: A short roleplay with another player of at least 600 words with your character playing a major role in the story. 

-The writing must be at least half your own, and at least partially written by your roleplay partner.


Mature content is allowed as long as it's labeled mature.

The art/writing must be created AFTER joining the Art RPG and getting your character registered. You can't claim AP for art you previously created before joining the Art RPG.

Redeeming AP

To redeem AP,

  1. You'll need a Buddy Book in your inventory in order to redeem roleplay AP. See the Crafting Recipes for how to make one or buy one from the shop.
  2. Submit your art using the form at the bottom of this page. Include in your description of the submission or at the top of the writing chapter:
    1. a link to your partner’s PaperDemon account
    2. (for art only) a link to, screenshot, or copy/paste of the relevant RP scene
  3. Be sure to select the characters depicted, including your partner’s if their character is featured, and input the amount of AP in the points field. See the table above for details on how much AP you can earn.


Ideas and Prompts

Looking for prompts to help you come up with ideas for roleplays? Check out our Discord for frequent roleplay prompts, and find roleplay partners in the #Role-playing-ooc channel.


Consider including both your and your partner’s character in your art or writing submission so that they can receive AP as well.