2022 Winter Sale - 20% off

Fundraising goal COMPLETE!

Stretch Goal COMPLETE!




Seasons Greetings. It's that time of year when we humbly ask for your support so we can help keep PaperDemon running. Your generous monetary contributions cover hosting costs, operational costs, and compensating our part-time staff of art and game designers.


New items added this season are detailed below!


If we hit our stretch goal of $300 in sales, everyone who made a purchase (including existing Patrons on Patreon) will get x2 Magic Forges.


Every sale through our Square shop/paypal or Patreon during the run of this sale will earn a special collectable. Existing Patrons will also receive this collectible.



Everything in our Square shop is 20% off with coupon code LOG-CABIN from now through December 31, 2022! 

(You can also get the discount with PayPal purchases. See bottom of post.)



New Premium items


Mask of many faces

Is your character a werewolf? Do they shift between their regular form and a bird? Do they have magical powers that allow them to cycle through several different forms at will? This specialty item will allow you to register your character as a shapeshifter.

We're introducing a new set of companions with new mechanics. These lucky lovelies will drop extra gold when you complete a battle submission.


Tortoise Companion


Elephant Companion


Trokens, our in-game premium currency, are your key to customizing your character and completing challenges past the deadlines through the purchase of items like the Elemensha, Companions, Junket Tank, Bookwyrm Bookmark, and more.



Welcome Pack

We introduced a new Welcome Pack which allows you to get our most popular starter items bundled at a discount.




Patreon is a monthly online subscription starting at $2/month that gets you early access to the PaperDemon Art RPG Weekly challenge prompts, Quests, Portals, and Boss Fight prompts so you have more time to complete challenges.



Early access to challenges

Sneak peaks



Everything at $2 tier PLUS

20 Spirit Points/month



Everything at $5 tier PLUS

50 Spirit points (instead of 20)/month

1 Battle Token/month



Everything at $10 tier PLUS

160 Trokens per month

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Premium Account

Want to have folders to organize your art? Want the coveted Golden Wing next to your name? Upgrade to a premium membership.

As previously announced, we'll be increasing the price of Premium Memberships from $10/year to $20/year starting in January. You can still get a Premium Membership now at the old price with an additional 20% off. Buy 2 years, get 1 free. You'll also get a special Premium membership collectable.


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How to Pay with Paypal

We accept Paypal for everything in our Square shop. See the bottom of our square shop for details. Include the LOG-CABIN coupon code in the body of your email.


Special thank you to the following folks who contributed to the new items this season:


Shyftlock for concepts and mechanics

Yanang for creating item art

BogusRed for creating Troken, collectable art, mechanics code and website code