Item Drops

When you complete Art RPG challenges, you'll often earn an item drop of some kind. These rewards are delivered by an admin after your artwork is approved. It may take a few days before your art is approved.

Most item drops are delivered into your player inventory. But things like portal badges will be added to your character inventory instead.

Random item drops

Various activities and events will offer random item drops as rewards for completing challenges. These item drops are randomly generated based on your character’s rank and what items are available in that particular challenge. As your character ranks up, they will receive more and rarer items in each drop.

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Guaranteed drops

Some challenges will guarantee that a specific item will drop. Portals for example will gaurantee a specific badge be added to your character. Some portals guarantee a specific item like Aster.

Adventuring Gold

Many events also give you adventuring gold. You must be at least rank 2 to earn this. The higher your character's rank, the more gold you can earn.