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Asra #pd1014

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Age: 24

Race: Fallen Angel

Gender: Gender-fluid

Abilities: Feast of Fear, Shadow Flames

Strength: 3

Agility: 6

Speed: 6

Tactics: 9

Magic: 8

Skill: 7

Uncomfortable subject matter: N/A


Asra was born from a human mother, Kairi, and a Solar father, Griffin in the country of Astacio. Their mother had come to raise them in Jandere, a city with a huge nearby crystal mine. Those crystals were harvested to make magic items and other fine things for its populace and those traveling through. The city was wealthy and prosperous. Asra and their mother lived comfortably for many years, even opening a store where they crafted with many different gems to make jewelry and other trinkets. 

For a while Asra had felt like they did not identify with the gender they were born as. Or at least not fully. They felt connected to being masculine as well, but that also wasn’t entirely right either. Finally, they realized they were non-binary and came out to their mother when they were fourteen. Their mother accepted them of course, as well as their new pronouns. Asra’s father, who wasn’t as present in their life but still visited when they could, also accepted them.

Asra was always a bit more shy around others, so they only ever had a few friends. But these friends ended up being very close with them as they grew older. Xavier, Fenric, Penelope, and Tara were their names. The five of them were inseparable and did just about everything together. Sometimes they would even get into trouble. If one of them was somewhere then the others were bound to be nearby. 

Asra and their friends grew up into their twenties, thriving and living their best lives. But it was not to last. Tragedy had struck the city of Jandere and it was attacked by powerful maleficar who had sworn vengeance on the city for casting them out years ago. They had apparently tried to become greedy with the crystals in the mines and almost bled it dry. Their magic was powerful and they attacked many innocent people. Asra and their friends and mother had tried to flee. But they did not make it. Asra was powerless against the evil mages. Their mother had been burned alive in front of them. Their friends had all suffered various magical injuries and were killed before their very eyes. Asra could not fight them with weapons. Magic like this could only be fought with magic, but Asra had none. Only their angelic abilities, which still wasn’t enough.

Asra was lucky enough to escape, even with the injuries they had. The mages had almost succeeded in their plot, but were eventually subdued by the city’s forces. The city was crumbling, but it would be repaired over time. But it did not matter. Asra was left with nothing. Their father and them mourned the loss of their loved ones. Asra could not stay here. There was nothing left for them here. Even the shop their mother and them ran was ashes and dust.

There was a determination in Asra that would not be quelled. But it stemmed from guilt, sorrow, and anger. They wanted to know magic. But they wanted magic that was even more powerful than the mages who had burnt the city and slaughtered innocents. They wanted to ensure this sort of thing could never happen again. And maybe they would even learn a spell to bring their loved ones back. So Asra set off on a journey of discovery and knowledge for power. But during these months of travel, Asra had begun to see shadows and hear whispers in their head. They weren’t ghosts, just shadows. But they were still alive somehow, at least it seemed that way. They talked to Asra, saying all manner of things to them. But one thing was common among them all. Asra needed power.

While on their travels they learned of an order of monster hunters in Altesia. The Lambusan. Monster hunters that fought beasts and mutated creatures that sought to corrupt the pure magic of the area. This piqued Asra’s interest, as they seemed to deal with magic far different from normal magic. Perhaps someone there could help the angel become powerful. Perhaps they could learn magic.

Eventually, Asra found their way to the Lambusan, who accepted Asra’s want for power. Dr. Gaspard was particularly interested in what Asra desired, and offered them a chance to not only learn magic, but to embed it within their very being. They would become a sorcerer through experimentation. Though this felt like an extreme measure, Asra accepted, wanting nothing but power to fight the darkness and people who cared not for innocent lives.

The experiments were brutal, painful. Asra was injected with the blood of a demi-god, Tenebrous, who was named the Lord of Shadows. He was of an evil alignement. This information about the demigod was not shared with Asra. And, because the goddess Nyx had a strong influence on the ley lines of the area and Tenebrous was her bastard child, a little bit of her influence had seeped into Asra’s veins. They mutated violently. Their appearance had changed drastically. Their once pale skin turned gray and was speckled with star-like freckles. Their dark blue hair now had layers underneath that were the color of galaxies. Their eyes were a pale pink and blue and reflected in the light like an animal’s. Black antlers had grown out of their head. But the most dramatic change had been her very being as an angel. Asra no longer had wings of light or had the calm, holy energy their father had. They instead had wings of black bone and shadow, their eyes would turn black when they tried to use their divinity, and they could no longer fly. Everything had changed. And yet they felt so much more powerful.

This was the start of something new for Asra. The experiments had done their job, even if it was not the outcome Asra expected. They stayed with the Lambusan and Asra was taken as an apprentice of Aldin, a wizard of the order and the one who had tied Dr. Gaspard to this plane. Asra was nervous around all these new people, but they needed to learn as much as they could. Asra felt born anew.

After some time with the Lambusan, Asra wanted to set out on their own adventure to grow their power. They traveled to the Paperverse, a place that seemed vast and diverse. A perfect setting to use their power and become better at controlling it.

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    Ability Points
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  • Charismatic Talisman Ability

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