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Tib "Hazard" Gray #pd523

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Character Name: Tib Gray, his "friends" call him Hazard

Age: Adult

Species: He's some alien thing based off a Jerboa (Kangaroo Jumping Mouse)

Fur Color: Gray, beige, and green

Eye Color: Uranium Green

Height: 3ft (91cm), this is from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet, it does not include his ears.

Gender: Male He/Him

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Basic Description: Weird little mouse-thing with very long legs. His paws are more like a cat with paw pads and retractable claws. He's got four ears total, two that stand upright and are expressive and two that droop like a lop rabbit. He also has four eyes which are typically kept closed due to light sensitivity. His pair of tails are more like large feathers, and he has a tentacle sprouting from him back.

Rapid Regeneration - Tib technically has no control over this, it's a "blessing" that was thrust upon him by his master. No matter how much his body is mangled or destroyed, he'll always be magically pulled back together again (it's more like time is being reversed on him, rather than any kind of healing). The process sucks, honestly. It also takes a bit for it to kick in, anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours, the time is entirely based on how severe the injury is.

Darkvision - He is from a place with dark, mostly lightless skies. His place of birth was also this way, and has been as long as any of his people remember. As such, it is far more comfortable for him to be in the dark than it is in the light. 

Radioactive - Does this even count as a skill? It's simply a thing his people are all born with. A feature, if you will. Best not to touch him.

Strength: 2
Agility: 7
Speed: 5
Tactics: 4
Magic: 8
Skill: 5
Uncomfortable subject matter: Christmas.

Personality: Chaotically (and dangerously) impulsive and easily distracted. Tib isn’t much for deep conversations or sharing feelings, he’d much rather be doing things. When he speaks, he has a notable lack of a filter and far too much confidence. What’s most likely to come out of his mouth is rudely or bluntly worded observations, crude comments, or whatever random nonsense that happens to pop into his mind. An outside observer could easily mark him down as a delinquent or asshole and call it a day.

He won’t beat those allegations, he won’t even try. There’s a lot about him he holds close to his chest. The reality is that, while he is very much impulsive and chaotic, he makes deliberate choices to forge a perceived persona. He knows better than anyone just how dangerous simply being in the nearby vicinity of him is. That’s a fact he’s quite open about. So he stands by his logic; be as annoying as possible and people will stay away, because telling people to keep distance for their own good isn’t always good enough.


He’s seen far too many goodie-two-shoes who just insist on being stupid to play the hero. You can’t save someone that’s already beyond saving. In his situation, it won’t simply end in someone getting killed, it’s so much worse.


Despite everything… he still values the word of Mercy. Sure, he doesn’t exactly embody the teachings anymore. But, as hypocritical as it is, he can’t let go of his beliefs either.


It leaves him in a state of internal conflict. His master demands bodies, but following commands results only in more suffering. A selfishness controls him far more than anything else, he doesn’t want to face punishment for disobeying. Or worse, oblivion. The fear paralyzes him sometimes, the unfairness of it all. He won’t disobey. He just can’t.


Into the Paperverse: In Ledirra, there is no escaping the ever observant eye of his master. He can go to the ends of the world and it’ll still know where he’s run off to, and it can drag him back kicking and screaming. But that’s Ledirra… So what a surprise it is when a mysterious portal activates for him, to a place his master has no control.

Mercy’s Grace… it must be. How long had it been since he felt even a sliver of freedom? He loves this world, collection of worlds? This guild. He’s not a good person by any means, but they welcome him the same as anybody else. It’s enough to want to claw his way back again and again. To see the people, the places.


To finally have anyone to connect with.


Check out this link, which goes to his Toyhouse profile! There is way more information about him as well as more references there!!

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