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Welcome to the APRIL 2023 Event for Crater! 

The theme is WONDERLAND! Boy oh boy do we have some good stuff in store for you!

Wonderland Group RP / 3 part Prompt

RAFFLE for White Rabbit Victini (MUST complete all 3 parts to qualify to enter)

Wonderland Theme FUSION Adopts



 Spring has finally sprung, giving new life all around. Patches of snow are still seen dripping off roof tops and tree boughs wild pidgeys and rookidees are chattering all over the town square. After February's event the adoption center has their hands full trying to rehome all the pokemon picked up from the Castle. It seems like there are a lot more officers walking the square too and they also seem to be questioning a lot of citizens. 
 They don't pay you any mind since they have seen you around. You decide to check into the town center if there might be any news on the matter or perhaps some new event. You check your device for the time just a bit after 12:00 PM, why is it getting so dark? You look around and then up to the sky. The sun is slowly being eclipsed! The sky is growing darker all around, the stars shining brightly and what would be an aurora borealis of color is dancing across the sky.It’s absolutely stunning. You stare in awe while others gather around taking pictures, videos and streaming TinkaToks. 
 A few moments pass and pings are heard all over the devices. Others start chattering out loud. 
“What do you think it is?”
“Is it a glitch?”
“Do you think someone is hacking the systems?”
“They - they look like coordinates?” 
“Oh yeah! They do! Let’s just enter them… BINGO! It’s at a spot not too far from here!” 
You decide to tag along with a group following the directions. You’re led out of Crater City and closer towards the outskirts where a lot of older construction has been abandoned. You and the group come out to a riverine. A small shallow river separates you from your destination, a decommissioned observatory. You and along with others make your way over. Up the rocky cliff sides and onto the catwalks surrounding the dome. It seems to be in working condition? 
Sneaking inside you can see what’s been causing all the weird weather phenomenon. A machine connected to the telescope and several massive generators powered by groups of electric pokemon. They all have some article of clothing in black with a big “N” on it. Standing next to a control panel are the BATS from the Darker Hearts castle! Instead of the lavish golden and red outfits they had in February, they have slightly similar suits and pants with the same large “N” on the black ties they wear. 


(REMINDER you MAY stack in prompts, such as using this art to include adoptions, bonding, move learning etc.) 


Draw your Trainer in any of the above scenes mentioned

  • Looking up to the sky at Crater City
  • Making your way to the Observatory
  • Sneaking into the Observatory and seeing what’s going on.


Participate in the Group RP and join the BATTLE!

  • You and your pokemon will have a small battle either solo or with friends.
  • You may illustrate this battle how ever you like
  • The outcome will still remain the SAME for the story line


  • Sketch + Flat Color
  • Simple BG
  • HALF body of your trainer MINIMUM
  • HALF body of a large pokemon or FULL body of a smaller one MINIMUM (at least ONE)


      • Including an extra trainer (a real one or a made up is fine) or a NPC of Team Nebula
        • +5 Lvs
  • TYPE
    • Including any PSYCHIC, DARK or FAIRY types YOU own
      • +3 Lvs
    • +300 CC


Will be released after Part One has been completed <3